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Nichol Kessinger ( Nicole Sophia Miller )


I'm Nikki and I'm as indigo as a human being can get. weird smile, random, a high functioning Aspie comparable to the Invisible Woman or maybe that really is me, loving when i want to be, very strong-willed, love animals and gardening, creative, surprisingly forgiving, spiritual, special Ha! Ohh, I am young at heart forever, but sometimes an old soul too (depends). Anyways, I have no "real" friends except for God. I do have a handful of nice
acquaintances in this side of the world. I LOVE the small amount of actual family that I have left in this world. I take life day by day, sometimes even
by hour or minute. This earth is my temporary home, I'm just visiting...and making the best of it. Did I mention that I NEED movies, photos and yummy
food?...the truest foodie and movie buff. Currently work part time at home for Shein Clothing in Maryland and working out daily with weights!


Jungle Book, Necronomicon Evil Dead 2, Home Alone, Fried Green Tomatoes, Green Lantern, A Walk To Remember

Insurance CompanyCanada Life - Great-West Lifeco Insurance Company Inc.
Country / CityBerlin, Maryland
Preferred Color #E915F4
List of Hobbies

Weightlifting, gardening, watching old films, baking, bench pressing, photos, movies, spiritual, food, animal care, Shein swimsuits and dresses online model, and customer service, gardening, journalism, gaming role playing, writing poetry

ProfessionGeology, Bookkeeping, Avid Gardener, Computer Science Engineering, Media, Shein Clothing Customer Service
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    • Dalton Martin
      Hi Nikki, I hope you are doing well. I see you took a trip to Japan, how nice! My wife and I went their in 1988 and loved it

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      • Nichol Kessinger ( Nicole Sophia Miller )

        Happy 230th Birthday To The Bill Of Rights !

        230th birthday, bill of rights birthday, united states, bill of rights, first ten amendments, united states constitution, december 15, 1791, ratified, commonwealth of virginia, important rights, united states of america, history lesson
        HAPPY 230th birthday to the United States BILL OF RIGHTS!! Yes, the Bill of Rights, otherwise known as the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution became a reality 230 years ago on December 15 , 1791 when it was ratified by the...

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      • Sick Puppy

        Sick Puppy

        sick puppy, carmela, lap dog, coaxing, puppy, dog, furbaby, snores, sleep, vet, cuddle buddy, dinnertime, puppy parkour
        Today I'm home with a sick puppy. Carmela isn't a lap dog - despite my telling her (and coaxing her) to be one. Now, my legs are going to sleep while my furbaby snores on my lap. It was even HER idea hehe, I love her so much!  The vet said she...

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