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Lynn Ware


I'm a very positive individual with woman face who always goes forward in life. I love art and things that are hard to find. My personal career is making money the right way, and i don't believe in banks because i hide my treasures. I love my home, my kids and pets.


Boleiball, Football salon, Swimming, Ping Pong, Tennis.

Insurance CompanyGeico Car Insurance with Full Coverage.
Country / City
Preferred Color #7175B7
List of Hobbies

Traveling, wildlife photography, woodburning, crafting, wrestling, rodeos, listening to music, monster trucks, hiking, camping, cooking

ProfessionHealth Coach, Money, Banks, Kids, Pets

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    • Lynn Ware

      I just worked out and was feeling so sick but I did it! Now to nourish my body with a yummy healthy meal of salmon, brocoli, and brown...More

      • Lynn Ware

        Savor every morsel and appreciate every glance. Who can ever know if it's your last chance to dance.

        • Lynn Ware

          Missing my best friend badly this week. Over the years of our friendship, this was usually the week of our annual holiday celebration,...More

          • Lynn Ware

            I absolutely LOVE driving. Driving across the country was nothing for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. I was in my element...More

            • Lynn Ware

              My anxiety is going through the roof all night last night and today and my heart was beating so fast I didn't know what to do and with me...More

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