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Tarah Gieger


Hi, my name is Tarah, but call me Tar or Tig. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia so I am your typical southern girl who loves sweet tea, soul food, and the outdoor life. I am majoring in Music Tech at Georgia State University, but am currently at The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music for this semester for some special music courses not offered where I am from to expand my horizons in life. I have to smell things and you should NEVER, EVER go to Bath and Body Works with me, shampoo/body wash aisle, candles, etc. I think zombies are awesome...Walking Dead.. And I am guilty of playing video games for hours in a row from time to time! I am a night owl...In bed before midnight is a sin !! I have probably functioned on 5-6 hours of sleep my whole life! Well, that's all folks! 

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Hiking, Camping, Zombies, Asian Culture, Culinary Arts, Dancing, Video Gaming, Natural Health Remedies, Eminence skin care, The Walking Dead, Crossword Puzzles, Traveling, Reading, can play any musical instrument, singing, shopping, acting, theater, dancing, teaching music, traveling

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      I was having a conversation with my family about what song you would come up with if you core-sampled each decade’s popular music. We worked back from the ‘90’s to the ‘20s before I cried uncle. My son later asked “What about the rest?” He was...Read more
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        People will know you are a spiritually guided and protected person and still play in your face like you aren’t going to find out. Why you all do that is beyond me! Attachment is the root of all suffering.

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          My people are my people and my love for them is limitless. I know what I bring to the table. So thankful for my personal growth because the old Tarah from the past would have went completely OFF.

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            This being " out of season BS " is for the birds, I have been making my own at home!!
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              I have a lot on my mind. Wondering what decisions to make. Focusing more on my future life. Won't be on here seems to have a negative influence on life and relationships. It is not worth it at this point in my life. The people who mean... more

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                Your diet and what you eat is so important and how it can directly effect your mental health and clarity. Your mind is directly connected to the gut. If you deal with “depression” and “anxiety” you aren’t giving yourself a starting chance by eating... more

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                  Unplugging your heater costs you more in the long run because it has to heat the water back up. Keep track of the lights on in the house, and how much the little go in and out.
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