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Bryan R. Cranston


I always tell people that I don't have much to say concerning my private life and what I do for a living after I left my parents in Illinois, US and I went to live at South Carolina, then after reading several reviews online and asking other colleges about it, their answer were pretty much strait like an arrow. They said go to try a place called Forest Acres. Suburb of Columbia, SC or another city with the name of Fort Mill. Suburb. That was, one of the best places in the South Carolina is and I'm very happy I came to rent an apartment at first, and now afters several years in here, I already saved enough money to buy my own apartment with a garage for my car, a nice furniture, a/c cable, Wifi and more.

Maybe I'm just not getting it, probable what I should do is taking my saved money and hit torch where my parents live, but not, I will see for a few years what happen.
I dedicate my days on the office and at the open fields working on my career, doing jobs for local businesses is my preferred part of being an architect and helping the office of architects designers  and the process of build all data communication for the computerized maintenance management system networks. I studied so hard and it was very uncomfortable with the little money that I had at the time of my studies at college, that now I feel that it was and is worse it because I always get every month a fat paycheck, a very good salary paid every month.


See, I almost never practice any sport, other than Martial arts once every two weeks. But, I watch lots of sports for a change, I guess that makes me a sports fanatic guy.

American Football really makes me feel that I want to eat pop corn and peanuts butter cups, all together with a large coke. Then I also watch Ice Hockey and think that maybe I should take a course on how to play that.


In this year of pandemic stay at home and not bringing the virus out there to contagious others with some cold or flu, even so, I don't have some as that so far, but I really made sure that I got the best and latest movies released for 2020.

Full Movies watching as: The Hater, Extraction, Underwater, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, The Hunt, The Half of It, 365 Days, The Sleepover and so many others in my list just waiting to start watching them too.

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List of Hobbies

I love to go at the hills and mountains to climb, spending my whole days in the nature's environment and wildlife , it is so free of stress and so relaxing.
At home, I just play some good video games on my Playstation 4 and waiting to buy the next Playstation 5 machine too.
Then, I love to go to the local pub and listen to Barock music and talk with other friends, for a change at night.

ProfessionProgrammer Architect

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