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Car Deals Best Automobile To Buy

Car Deals Best Automobile To Buy

This group is for all car owners no matter what brand of vehicles or what year. If you have to say something important about a truck or car brand makers, then post your questions or ask for tips to measure the opinions from others on this group.
Please, just post serious questions for everybody to participate answering. No advertisement, please.
Used And New Cars For Sale
 That's nice, you got to love your good car!

a brief descriptionOpinions and information about cars, vehicles brands and automobile makers
Things i'm interested to do the most
Going for rides on my new car, Cooking and eating at best restaurants, Singing and dancing, Sports and more.

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    • Georgia Stevens

      Any Advice About Cars And Being Frugal That Maybe Beneficial ?

      Beneficial, Car, Vehicle, Mini Van, Husband, Plain Stupid, A Truck, 99%, Honda, Drive, Good Money, Fight, Being Frugal
      Any Advice About Cars And Being Frugal That Maybe Beneficial ? My husband and I both work from home. We both had our own vehicles until my husbands car started acting up last year, so we got rid of it and got rid of the loan. My car is paid off...
      • Heather Bundy

        Is Anyone Having Car Troubles?

        2015 Ford Fusion, Money, Fix, Warranty Expired, Mechanic, The Car, Liability, Can’t Stop Crying, My Boyfriend, Old Car, Stolen, Fusion
        My boyfriend and I bought a 2015 Ford Fusion in September since my old car was stolen. The Fusion didn’t have many miles on it ran great. It started having problems around January, but we just brought it to a mechanic this week since we didn’t have...

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