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Frugal Living For You

Frugal Living For You

Living a frugal lifestyle is the intentional act of literally getting the most out of your money, regardless of how much you earn. It means spending money on those things that matter and cut back on spending in other areas. For example: Buying high-quality products and services at the right time and place to get the lowest-cost experiences. I know that frugality is not an easy thing for many people who earn a very small amount of money every week, per month or even per year. Their income forces them to spend just the necessary amount of money to fit their needs. I invite every one in this group to share your knowledge, plus your experiences on those important frugal tips that can make the big difference to help others (our readers online and their families) to live frugal and smart in their homes, towns, cities and countries.

a brief descriptionLiving Frugal For You is a group to share about living your best life and still keep up with the Joneses!
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