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Anything Goes

Anything Goes

Have you ever seen a group where people can't ask questions or talk about other matters different from what the group was created for?
Well, in this group you don't have to worry about asking, answering, commenting or talking about anything, because in this public group you decide what to talk about, I mean " Anything Goes".  Group Rules  Group Rules
Of course, please pay attention to the common sense rules, see the image on this group profile and know what we don't want you to talk about because it will be taken away as soon you post it, this is because we don't want to create a bad image for our social media website. Again see this Image and read about it, please, before you start posting your info.
Now, if you have any questions after this photo then, just ask the administrator of this site. Happy free membership.

a brief descriptionPeople can talk almost about anything they want, except the stuff mentioned at the image. Post your questions, answer them and make nice comments that will benefit everybody.

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    United States of AmericaMy main description is to be a coordinator and organizer of information and data online, as far of web design and websites creation too.

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