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Heather Sweeney


I immensely enjoy writing small but full-of-life poems that are as beautiful, unhinged, and filled with dissatisfaction as the experience of being online in today's crazy world. My poetry collection will make you laugh, gasp, and feeling seen in the most uncomfortable and important of ways. 


Jumping on my daughter's trampoline at 2am 


The Real Housewives Parody, The Hunger Games, and Girl, Interrupted

Insurance CompanyModern Award-winning Insurance Poetry
Country / CitySan Diego , California
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Writing Poetry, Reading Poems, Social Media, The Book Of Likes Fanatic and an Instagram Nut, Cooking, Yoga, Visual Arts

ProfessionPoet, Teaching Visual Arts
Heather Sweeney, Heather, Sweeney, Writing Poetry, Reading Poems, Social Media, The Book Of Likes Fanatic and an Instagram Nut, Cooking, Yoga, San Diego, California, The Book Of Likes, Book Of Likes, Book Of Likes Social Media, Girl, Interrupted, trampoline, dissatisfaction, poetry collection, modern poetry, modern poems, poet, teaching visual arts, The Real Housewives Parody, The Hunger Games
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    • Heather Sweeney
      I love when guilty people act fake outraged. Defensiveness is usually an admission of guilt. If someone accuses me of something and I tell them it’s not true, idgaf if they don’t believe me. I’m just like okay whatever, think what you want then.
      • Heather Sweeney
        I always loved the TV show "My Two Dads". When I was a teenager, dreaming of someday living in New York, the apartment on this show was my idea of what a cool apartment looked like if you lived in SoHo. An apartment like that now probably costs thousands a month in rent, but it still looks cool.
        • Heather Sweeney
          It’s true when they say the version you get of someone isn’t the same e😜erience someone else will have. Different people have the ability to bring out different sides of us. So you telling me this person was XYZ to you doesn’t mean my e😜erience will be the same. You may look at me and ask why I didn’t love you the same way I loved someone else. This person had the qualities that was able to access a different part of me.
            • John Deere

              It’s usually different from one person to another, the catch is each person has to at least be keenly aware and in touch with and embrace with care their individual difference so as to not be an unknowing faking imitation of someone who is not them ! IJS !

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            • Heather Sweeney
              I just want to read someone poetry until they fall asleep with their head in my lap. It makes my inner child feel so seen and heard, like it is my love language. When I’m reading by myself I read out loud as if someone’s listening. Lol . I would like an actual audience
              • Heather Sweeney
                I delight in the way you make me smile. You amaze me with your bravery. You push me to continue to grow with only your hand in mine. I admire you for your values and your thoughts. I strongly applaud your kind heart and generosity. I learn from your diplomacy in the face of confrontation. And your fears and your ragesI seek to understand them to be a support and not an edge that hurts. You are a world of vivid colors, which I am passionate about, and I will happily keep painting each page of this life by your side!
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