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Trixie Mattel


I'm all ears and my eyes open to listen your opinions on how to make the most of money, best ideas on how to become rich slow and the right way. Those are my words to my business customers at my office everyday.
I'm a sister for my friend and a wife to my husband. Cooking delicious foods and servicing at the table for my family is a great fulfillment feeling to me.
I love my car because inside of it, i keep my properties like the purse, my fast foods and drinks, my cell phone to make business while I'm driving it, it is just a wonderful success tool that makes me feel secured while arriving to places fast.
Everyday millions of ideas come to my mind and while I'm awaking up slow my mind clears and centers again, leaving me with almost nothing to work with as a writer, which it is the best career that i want for my future.


Badminton, Baton Twirling, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Bicycling.


The Old Guard, Relic, Radioactive, The Woman in the Window, Nobody, The Little Things, Things Heard and Seen, Palmer, Pink All I Know So Far,

Insurance CompanyWho has the cheapest car insurance in New Orleans? I choose one of these three: USAA. $1,667. Southern Farm Bureau. $1,692. GEICO. $2,622
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Everything in the outdoors is a good Hobbies to me, i love collecting antique stamps, antique magazines, olden books with hardcovers from famous writers in English language, i became creative after graduation in college and designing clothes for brides and weddings is a major hobbies to me too. 

ProfessionProfessional Business Accountant Woman.
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