Infant Loss Awareness

Infant Loss Awareness

Infant Loss Awareness - Baby Twin Death

From the first second I found out that they were on the way, my life changed because I felt happiness for the first time on my skin, in my soul and in my essence. They made my body shudder just imagining your arrival to me life, I had never felt what I feel for them, I never loved you the way I loved you, I think that only with you did I know true love, something so pure and so mine. Life gave me the privilege of having them, of loving them, talking to them and knowing them, of feeling them. I was able to understand that life is more than I thought, I saw life without selfishness and without obstacles. I knew that for you I would be capable of anything. They were very small, but they filled all aspects of my life, of my big and confused head, of my strange and deep heart. I only heard its heartbeat, the sweetest sound I will ever hear again. I don't understand why God ripped you from my womb, I don't understand why I had everything with you and now you leave me empty and alone...It made me know them and lose them. Now I lose my heart and my illusions, my entire joy, my strength...I don't want to think, I don't want to remember how my life was before without you. I can't do it I swear I don't know how to live without them. I never thought about this moment before, I thought that this would not happen to me. Or, how stupid I was...I do not forgive myself for not having the vitality to have kept them in my womb...They were everything I wanted. For them I decided to change my life and give it to them, my life was no longer mine...My existence was summed up in them. Now that they are no longer with me, they leave the greatest emptiness that I have come to feel, the most intense and sharp pain that can be caused, and the most devastating absence that a woman can feel...I feel lost because before they were my compass, I knew that the right thing to do was to do positive things for them, and now where is my path going, what is the end or purpose? Saying that I am sad is not even 2% of what I really feel, saying that I love you does not complete the deep feeling that my existence generated in me, and saying that I miss you is nothing compared to the desire to die that I feel when I know that I lost them, my 2 baby girls. RIH until we meet again for loving kisses and cuddles for eternity! Nevaeh Kessinger and Nonlee Kessinger ~ June 9, 2023.

    • Elissavet Lemoni

      When I read about babies twins dying, it really moves my feelings as a mother of twins too. You as a mother who lost your kids, should look for support from a All Mighty Jesus God to help you going by each single day, one at the time and being strong till your mind accepts the change of not having them near you. Even thought, you know that they are with you spiritualty. I hope you get better soon.

      • Laura Anne

        I have lost 2 babies. Though my pain is not yours. I can kind of understand. I am so sorry for your losses. I like to believe we will be able to see our babies again one day. Live for them. Love again for them. And never give up for them. You are still their mother. Much love to you. I'll be praying for as always. My birthday is June 9th. I'll always think of them that day too! It's hard, but keep staying strong. 

        • Sabrina Carpenter

          No fair for babies to die before living a full life, no fair.

          • Nana Rose

            I very sad story that breaks my heart too. So sorry.

            • James Hetfield

              I'm sure you share your thoughts with the family who lost their babies, that makes you a good woman.

              • James Hetfield

                Nichol, thank you for sharing this sad story, I'm all ears to keep reading from you. The text you wrote broke thru my soul, it really does.

                • Tracy Chapman

                  For each child that dies, a thousand kids will survive to filled all aspects of their good parents life. Sadly, some parents don't appreciate the gift of life into their homes and then they cry their lost ones for many years to come. I give my condolences to those true parents who lost their love ones and they are suffering.

                  • Vanessa Larae

                    You probable are confused and suffering for such a loss., because you said you changed your life and give it to them. Just think how beautiful is to see your kids growing and become adults, then they have kids and you will become their grandmother and so on. I mean, sorry for your loss.

                    • Erykah

                      I share your pain and pray for God to give you healing. They are angels singing around the Lord now.

                      • Adele

                        You're not alone because I think exactly same of you. Additional I know women who lost their babies and they are suffering for life, it seems a feeling that can never be healed.

                        • Adele

                          I love my babies without limits, they are everything in my life and I couldn't describe how I will be feeling if something like that happened to me, I'm so sorry about your lost.

                          • Elizabeth Daniels ( Shakira )

                            I'm with you, in my opinion, it is something without description nobody should live that experience. I love my kids so much that I probable will die if I loose them.

                            • Phoenix Taylor Rihanna

                              Poor soul, I'm so sorry and I share your pain. I'm sure God had a reason and he will comfort you some how soon. Love to You.

                              • John Freedrick

                                My sister lost a little girl at the age of 6y and she has being devastated for 2 years already, she suffers of major depression and unwillingness to stand and live. So sad to see her suffering the loss. I know how you feel, so sorry for your loss.

                                • Kevin Michael

                                  I lost my little boy when he was two years old and it has been so hard to cope with the loss. I don't wish this feeling for anyone in this world.

                                  • Amber Wolz

                                    Actually I think that God didn't want you to understand why he ripped you from your womb, in the very beginning you are part of your mother;s womb and what you ad wasn't your, but God's creation., on top of that, God did not leave you empty and neither alone, he left you to live with his Holy Spirit and knowing your kid is safe and with him in the Paradise.

                                    • Sarah Rose Bloom

                                      Nobody likes to hear about this kind of news posted on social media because it hurts people's feelings. But, the truth is that it happens, and we all should show a sorry feeling to the person behind the post online because they might be suffering greatly.

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