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Nera Benandanti


Originally from Tinton Falls, New Jersey and now alive and kicking it in Salem,  Massachusetts with my Homies. I dig monsters, anime, food, folks, and fun. 


Softball and Soccer Ball.


Nobody's business what I like to watch at the theater.

Insurance CompanyWho else could be my insurance company to drive my car and to protect my house and family. State farm insurance, please.
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I love to play with my PlayStation video games, nice when I get to stay home for a day off and play all day and night.

ProfessionBook Writer and Editor at a local news paper.

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    • Nera Benandanti
      Nera Benandanti posted to Statuses & Comments

      Not everyone has the same potential because not everyone has the same destiny.

      • Nera Benandanti
        Nera Benandanti created a page Real Parenting Technique
        My dad taught me the ultimate way of what it is to be a parent when I was 13. Dad was not one of those lovely dovey dads. He did not say I love you often, and he was not much for hugging. But his love was obvious in every breath he took, every...
        • Nera Benandanti
          I have this happen to me sometimes and in the middle of me talking they get started talking about other stuff, that is so rude and they don't even realize it. It offends me but I usually just ignore it and assume they have pretty bad socialization...Read more
          • Nera Benandanti

            I can't do this anymore!!!!!!! I live in a house with six other women and I just had to go outside and I’m laying outside crying because it’s not quiet enough for me. There’s the tv on in our room AND she’s watching videos on her phone AND I can... more

            • Nera Benandanti
              Nera Benandanti posted to Statuses & Comments

              I will not let an animal starve but when you only have 2 cats (that just showed up) and a 3rd one that shows up from time to time but the other 2 will not let it on the porch. So I put him food out elsewhere,and you use 22 lbs of cat food a week... more

              • Nera Benandanti
                Nera Benandanti posted to Statuses & Comments

                Last night i kept thinking, wow i am really happy to be here on earth. but then I began weeping because i realized I need to stop gettng high and drinking. I realized that one day i want to be a mother, a vessel for to bring new life into this world... more

                • Nera Benandanti
                  Nera Benandanti posted to Statuses & Comments

                  I was thinking today how the medical system failed me while growing up. I was born in 1978 with Asperger's Syndrome. I was not diagnosed until 2016. Even though there were doctors that knew about Asperger's and my parents took me to see a... more

                    • Krystal Kobe

                      Very painful to read. I'm so sorry for your life's struggle. My brother suffered tremendously too. Same for him, everything but autism! I made it my mission to get him diagnosed as an adult, as I could see some similarities with our uncle, who is...

                      • Candace Rivers

                        I am involved in support groups for special needs. One thing I remind them all the time is that we only know what we know now. Neuroscience is still in it's infancy. If they argue I remind them I listened to professionals years ago compared to now.

                        • Krystal C Kobe

                          I understand why you feel that way. Unfortunately diagnosis and support was not available for older generations on anything approaching a national scale- misdiagnosis was common, especially in females. I'm so sorry you went through all that and the...

                        • Nera Benandanti
                          Did you dance during the blood moon eclipse last Sunday?
                          • Dancing in the Moonlight is my Happy Place
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