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BookofLikes builds provides the opportunity for individuals and companies to share their products and services, to use our technologies and services across the entire site communication platform that enable people to connect with each other, while building digital communities interconnected, they can benefit from growing their public and private business brands.

These Terms govern all Bookodlikes users who are using of BookofLikes, the Wire Messenger, and the other products provided now and could be provided in the near future, the website's features, the apps, all services, the advanced and simple technologies, and pieces of software we and our partners offer inside this website (the BookofLikes Products), except where we expressly state that separate terms will apply.

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BookofLikes provides it's advertisers upto date new reports about their ads performance that could perfectly help them with the understanding on how people are interacting with their ads content. See Section 2 below to learn more.

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