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How do you get rid of a curse?

I ran in to a friend who asked me to post this question for her because she was afraid to do the post herself.
For what ever reason she thinks that she is a victim of a dark course from someone from New Orleans.
These are her words in a form of a question:
" How do you get rid of a curse? .. like someone's coming for me hard and this am is my last straw,  help me....
Possible The Curse Makes Victims
All opinions are welcome!

Answers (46)

    • Julia Garner

      I don't know who your friend pissed off or who hates her, but I mean it's probably a lot for that to happen in her life.

    • Maybe, the only way to rid a curse is to have the practitioner retract it.

      • Jade Tailor

        You friend has a sharp wit and a tongue to match ( a Jersey curse ) so I’m sure the list is long but distinguished.

      • If you don't know the practitioner.
        You’re screwed, I remember that I've had a LOT less misfortune since I got a St. Benedict medal to wear.

        • Betty White

          Hmmm I will definitely be visiting when I come up that way! Just need to move back down here!

        • Yes basically it's mind over matter. It's more important to believe that something will work....then it will (read the Bible to understand)..

          • Mary Power

            She should be trying ! And she'll stop herself and tell herself if she only see the bad it's all going to be bad .. but then she could just get angry or sad and close off.

          • Aright, this is gonna sound weird, but you have to get the mentality of arrogant toughness, and as an  Cuban - Italian ( Latin ), i've got a cornicello on me, in my culture, they are specifically to keep you from being affected by curses.
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            • Rita West

              It might be a bad spirit.
              Who jumped into you when you were angry or depressed.
              Say it loud "I don't want to have a demon". 
              Who makes me feel bad all the time.
              You need to follow and pray to Jesus Christ and be free.

              • Susan Collins

                Probable the question could be .. How do you get rid of the demon?  I have Cedar and Sage, you can get you some it works!

              • Oh...well, I can offer sending Light and positive energy your way. With all of us pulling for you, we can do it! Strength and Honor! + Energy moves the way we want and need, it is amazing!

                • Axolotl Baby

                  Point mirrors away from you and say I’m rubber your glue bounces off me and sticks to you. Sounds silly but it works. I'm not an expert, just try if you  feel a need.

                • My neighbor old woman always wears the evil eye necklace, because if a curse comes your way it bounces back to the originator

                • I will buy one  of the evil eye lights around to place it on my window, it don't care about what will happen for some reason

                • Do you wear any protection? Since I was a baby I have had jewelry like Italian Horn, Evil Eye, and downward fist.
                  Also, if you believe in God, kneel and pray for protection.

                  • Anna Magnotta

                    Wouldn’t that come back 2 fold like what goes around comes around. ?

                  • You the runes hagalaz and thurisaz and reflect it back, trust me they won't f.... with you again. It will uncover the vast flow of energies around and through human energy

                    • Yolanda Ulin

                      I think that you're reflecting it back, not sending it yourself.
                      Remember..anything put out...comes back at sender only worse.Don't worry about it.Anyone who could do this..would know that fact.

                    • I think but I'm not sure that if you put a curse on someone and then have remorse that it will come back on you with a double strength.

                    • I just finished the 2nd episode of The Wisher in Netflix yesterday and I think that's fantasy, I don't believe it does exist. The best way, I see so far is to follow Jesus Christ and be free.

                      • Jessica Dave

                        You could try an old method that helps you visualize returning the bad to the one sending it. Like put pins and water in a jar, cap it and put it on a fire.
                        Just be careful.

                        • Linda Kutzer

                          I got the same problem I have to lift a curse so good luck if you find out how to do it let me know

                        • I don't recommend using magic but if you want it reversed there is a decent option with the least backlash. Reiki masters are usually best with this type of situation. They cut energy and magical ties. It may be your best shot. Make sure they are practiced in their craft. Phonies will dig your hole deeper.

                        • I might have the answer if you told me. I probably helped to remove some of those curses several times. When did this start? Who is effected? Why do you think it's a curse?

                        • My friend was fine before and now after she had her first child a a year ago, she changed almost 90 degrees. Now she said " I got cursed by a satanic cult, they wanted my soul, i had to fight for it, my faith in God to save my soul got me through, it was not easy hardest 9 months I ever went through." Trust me, I need my friend to be normal, because I love her.

                          • Jenny Slate

                            Satanists do not want your soul, Those probable want to finish with your life. You're thinking of Christians who want to change people's souls for good.

                            • Demi Hale

                              Place a mirror facing your front door. Anything coming towards you will reflect back to the sender.

                              • Gracie Fields

                                You could try this...Remember when you were a child and you figured out that you could reflect sunlight at people with your mom’s hand mirror? A “magic mirror” works on the principle that anything reflected in it - including hostile intent - will be bounced back to the sender. This is especially effective if you know the identity of the person who is sending bad mojo your way.
                                There are several methods of creating a magic mirror. The first, and simplest, is to use a single mirror. First, consecrate the mirror like you would any other of your magical tools. Place the mirror, standing up, in a bowl of black salt, which is used in many hoodoo traditions to provide protection and repel negativity.
                                In the bowl, facing the mirror, place something that represents your target - the person who is cursing you. This can be a photo, a business card, a small doll, an item that they own, or even their name written on a piece of paper. This will reflect that individual’s negative energy back to them. Or this can be helpful...Many people use poppets, or magical dolls, in spellwork as a tool of offense. You can create a poppet to represent people you’d like to heal or bring good fortune to, help find a job, or to protect. However, the poppet can also be used as a defensive tool.
                                Create a poppet to represent yourself - or whoever the victim of the curse is - and charge the poppet with the task of taking on the damage in your place. This is actually pretty simple because the poppet acts as a decoy of sorts. Follow the instructions on Poppet Construction, and once your poppet is done, tell it what it’s for.
                                “I have made you, and your name is ______. You shall receive the negative energy sent by ______ in my place.”
                                Place the poppet someplace out of the way, and once you believe the curse’s effects are no longer affecting you, get rid of your poppet. The best way to get rid of it? Take it someplace far from your home to dispose of it!
                                How to Break a Spell if You Think You're Cursed or Hexed. Find more online, there is lots of information for free out there.

                              • If after asking these questions to yourself..How to Break a Spell if You Think You're Cursed or Hexed? what if you don't know their name?
                                Then use that in the spell.. "To protect from anyone who would do me harm I return your negative energy to you."

                              • The energy knows where to go even if you do not.
                                I put up a spiritual mirror and say what you send at me I send back times 3. Then I also send a wish that they find happiness

                                • Tabitha Scott

                                  I'm at a loss. But I hope it works out for you.

                                • In ww2 the Nazis often used dowsing instead of radar and were oddly successful. To combat this and other psychic attacks Churchill employed Aliester Crowley who came up with the “V” for victory which was apparently sufficient enough defense in their minds. If the premise is true it leads me to believe the ritual itself isn’t as important as focusing your concentration on the objective. In other words, anything that reminds you of what you need to remember will do.

                                  • Vikki Frank

                                    Interesting! I don't know if this is actually true or not but when the British made that sign towards each other the idea was that it was backwards towards Germany. The British version of the finger.

                                    • Kristy Hille

                                       it is also true. I’m sure there’s a double meaning there. It seemed a pretty flippant response in true Crowley fashion. “Oh, I see you’re putting in an awful lot of effort there. I’ll see your effort with a ‘piss off’”. Would have probably been more accurate if I said “employed” instead of “came up with” and prefaced with “according to Crowley and Thelema practitioners”. Apologies if my initial comment came off as misleading.

                                      • Darcy Carden

                                        Spells and curses only work if people believe they will, stop believing that the curse is real and it will go away.

                                        • Edward Beck

                                          Pray and pray to the Lord and feel free with God's blessings.

                                        • Exactly what I was going to say. Believe they have no power, and they have none!

                                        • All kinds of this kind of help on TikTok app, but I also believe karma will take care of it. You get back what you put out.

                                          • Janet Brown

                                            I do love how so many people preach Christianity when it comes to things like this as if it's actually a real religion rather than just being smart and listening to actual pagans.

                                          • Show no fear or resentment. Faith in the one creator will conquer all evil doing. There is a greater power.

                                            • Nick Williams

                                               You need to get yourself a bag of mojo to protect your home and family x

                                            • You said your family is on both sides of the Salem trials right? Maybe the karma is generational from half your lineage.

                                              • Roy Salas

                                                I say curses..? Oh boy..that's one of a very serious trouble one can get into.. I hope you'll find the help needed ASAP..I'm sad coz I can't be any of help..except praying for ya.... Best of luck to ya. For sure Karma will hurt them in the end.

                                                • Lindsay Allen

                                                  I'm literally a stay at home mom of 2 that don't even do anything with, I wish i knew if i did something to karma ever, if yes, then I'll say sorry!

                                                  • Georgia Tech

                                                    Get a reversible candle and dress it with reversible oil and in the name of your ancestors light it. Remember to put a glass of water next to the candle cuz that is energy for your ancestors. Hope this helps BooDo (some kinf od dark magic).

                                                    • Krystal Kobe

                                                      Cover yourself with the power of the Lord. Don't waste your mind resources trying to fix something that already has being fixed. Follow Lord Jesus.

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