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Demi Hale


The best way to describe me is I am a wanderlust victim, professional Ailurophile, premium foodie, history buff, gaming nerd, and dreamer.

Preferred Color #E9ED1D
ProfessionRegistered ER Nurse

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    • Demi Hale

      Omg this just happened to the cashier at Dunkin Donuts while I was waiting for my order: Old Man: Young lady, did you make ALL these donuts...More

      • Demi Hale

        Yesterday a minor misunderstanding with my boyfriend led to a mental meltdown and I couldn’t stop crying for like an hour.
        I feel like it...More

        • Demi Hale

          This this is so good that I made 3 days ago. The left overs taste even better than when I made it for Sunday dinner. Lawddd!

          • Demi Hale

            Life is too short to not enjoy the ride! And for me I love a roller coaster ride!! I other words, I am currently loving life~

            • Demi Hale

              I was eating a Nutrigrain bar and happened to remember that hilariously crazy 2003 Nutrigrain commercial called “Babies everywhere” .......More

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