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Albert Einstein


To say something about me is the same to tell you how I feel right now.
I don't trust many women and neith trust my friends.
Preferable being single than sorry in the future.


Bicycle ride, Car Racing, American football, Germany Soccer Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Horse Race, Volleyball and others.


You really want to know which were Albert Einstein favorite movies? 
The film " Insignificance" made in the year 985, also a very romantic comedy with the acting of starring Walter Matthau as Einstein " The matchmaker" in 1994 and "Star Trek" movie. There are some TV shoes or TV series with episodes if it is important to you too, like Netflix " Dark " filmed at Germany of course..

Insurance CompanyI guess my insurance company is Geico insurance or State Farm for my home and car. it doesn't matter.
Preferred Color #3C077D
ProfessionCollege Professor

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