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Christine Elizar


Normally in a regular day, I study to keep learning on my career's future, to get updated with the new technologies.
My family always earned their income by working as jewelry creators ( jewelers  designers) with new ideas to surprise their customers and I'm not different, although, I like going out for contacting my customers and making sales too.
I love pets, and I have an aquarium with lots of Gold Fish at home and office, those are my pets.
I studied at Florida International University College of Business.


Softball, Tennis, Bowling,

Insurance CompanyI trust Best One Insurance, Inc. Good services, Phone: (954) 944-3928.
Country / CityPembroke Pines, Florida / United States
Date Today
Preferred Color #174ECF
ProfessionJewellery Business Person - Jewelry Sales
Florida, International University, Aquarium, Goldfish, Pets, Jewelry, Sales, Designers, Jewelry Creators, New Technologies,
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    • Christine Elizar
      Today I have been thinking about how something kind of awesome happens when you set a goal and begin working toward it. Before you even achieve the goal, you begin to feel the satisfaction of it. You don't even have to achieve the goal yet but just by putting in the work and following through on your commitment, you begin to feel satisfaction of desire from right where your at. So often, people will hesitate to take action because the end goal seems so far away, but what they don't realize is the joy you e😜erience on your way to the goal is just as satisfying. So let your goal inspire you, but trust the the journey will be joyful and satisfying too. And when you approach your goals with that attitude the path will unfold perfectly for you!!
      • Christine Elizar
        Parents across the country will fear TikTok enough to not send their kids to school- but they don’t fear TikTok enough to take it off of their kids’ phones. Let that reality sink in for a moment.
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