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Stephanie Haines


Every time there is a new release in Netflix shows I freakout, because I'm so into that stuff about watching Tv. I don't like to go for shopping, I don't want to go to parties with my friends, and i don't like to go out of my home neither. Sorry about that! I just love to work from home with my Ebay store and Etsy stores, I think I make enough profits every year to pay my bills without being out there burning tires or gasoline with my car.
Besides, the most people live in, the less chance for them on getting sick with the virus.
Well, sometimes, I look thru my living room windows the green on the home yard and some trees with birds.


American Football, Olympics, Gymnastics


Made, Clickbait, House Of Secrets, Jupiter's Legacy, Hit & Run, Hellbound, Midnight Mass, True Story,

Insurance CompanyKaiser Permanente of CA insurance coverage for my Ban vehicle.
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Fishing, Swimming in pools, Hiking, Watching TV, Drawing Animates, Talking on my phone, Playing Video Games on my Computer, Building Small Houses for Girls Dolls

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