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Evelio Velazco


I'm a hardworking family man that came over to United Sates 23 years ago with my parents as an immigrant child. My family was living in Cuba, so i guess i have Cuban blood. I'm racing two kids, one boy and a little girls. they are everything for me and my wife. I work in construction of homes and building. I am a Cancer Survivor who has been in remission for 7 years.


I love baseball and basketball, Tennis, Golf, Wrestling too.


Lost Girls, The Half of It, Our Mothers, Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution, Sea Fever, Selah and the Spades, Bad Education.
Soon i will get more movies to watch with my kids. for now they get entertained with video games and Netflix TV shoes for children.

Insurance CompanyProgressive, Pro Sight Specialty Insurance, Protective Life
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Preferred Color #6C6E08
List of Hobbies

Why Do We Need a New Hobby? and How can i choose one hobby to live happy?.

I love to keep myself and my family busy finding a new interests or passions as a great way to keep yourself very happy.
First my hobbies are pretty unique, these are:
I love to fish at the rivers and oceans.

Practicing indoors hobbies to, like these:
TV watching
Video Games
Watching movies
Watching sporting events

And for competitions as these are:
Horseback riding (Equestrianism), Hot Air Ballooning, Ice Hockey.

ProfessionConstructor Worker and Master with 15 yeas experience building homes and buildings.

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