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it's my life, it's my life story

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    • Charlotte Troyer
      I have learned something so far in this life and I am thankful for it. Cleaning of the kitchen in preparation for a long weekend of cooking, enjoying family, going nuts because of the family, preparing for Christmas...exhausting and yet to be absolutely delighted in the chaos, the toil, and the grief and praise of it. All of this is, fo shizzle, to have learned something and for this and more, I am thankful. Now, let’s get this Circus on the road!
      • Charlotte Troyer
        We may not know our daily COVID19 infection rates, but we do know that in Missouri our COVID19-related hospitalizations have increased 150% in the past month. Probably a good time to act like we have a pandemic happening (mask up, avoid crowds, etc.). Stay safe peeps and happy holidays!
        • Charlotte Troyer

          It's My Life Story

          it's my life, it's my life story
          Here is the latest on me for those who are keeping up. My appointment originally scheduled for December 30th was canceled by telephone today. The administrative assistant informed me that the team of physicians at Washington University wants me to...

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