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Gracie Fields


My pleasure to paint nature and life paints, my days go by much faster when i tell stories painting a full color wild life paint and it is like I'm living inside the image I form and color.
I have practically no much friends and the only friend I trust is my mother because she doesn't talk, she is mute.
I love strange things and i always want to find out those little details on things that appear time to time.
Florida's beaches are my prefer places to visit and practice Yoga out there in front of the ocean waves.
Islands and boats are part of my inspiration to print on a picture.
Florida has many of the ingredients that I need to college every time I need to work. I love the Sunshine State.


Surfing and running are my best sports to practice. I like to watch Deep Sea Diving, basketball and Soccer Football.


The best movies that I want to watch this year 2021:

The Squad, Black Widow, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, The Eternals, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Fast & Furious 9, Raya and the Last Dragon and others.

Date Today
Preferred Color #6CE584
List of Hobbies

I prefer to talk about the best profitable hobbies that make money for year 2021.
The first one is Painting, then Drawing, Writing, Music, Gardening, Cooking, DIY, Teaching, Photography.

ProfessionPainter, Interior Designer, Teacher.

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