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Betty White


Hello, Nice to be here. Than You for admitting me.

I go to tell everyone that I'm a kind Nutritionist working a hospital and I'm in charge of the kitchen and feeding all medical workers and patients too.

The other part of my life was many years ago when I was marry to this wonderful loving man and now he is gone because he eat way too mach pizza and drunk sodas and whisky.
From that moment i decided that I wanted to study nutrition and better ways to eat and not die early from being heart fat. It is simple, we need to eat moderated and never abuse of the rich in fat and sugars foods because of the dangerous thread about diabetes. I decided to study and become a diabetes nutritionist, or better known as diabetes specialist dietitian. I also take care about children diets and their respective amount of nutrition per dish.


 Tennis, Golf, motorcycle racing NASCAR, swimming at my swimming pool.


Selah and the Spades, Bad Education, Bull, I’m No Longer Here (Ya No Estoy Aquí), The Story of Fire Saga, Forest Gump.

Insurance CompanyStandard Insurance Company, State Farm Insurance
Date Today
Preferred Color #1C6B9C
List of Hobbies

Let me see, which are my hobbies...
I like to watch art projects of art and decoration, video games playing.          


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