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Is it not alarming to anyone else at the rising number of women being diagnosed with PCOS? Has anybody ever asked why? Like it’s A LOT and all I can think about is what is this linked to. As a person with stage 4 endometriosis, I think partly diet, partly birth control, and partly certain vaccines.

Before it gets twisted, I'm no scientist and I'm not anti-vax. These are my own opinions I've formed through experience, talking with others, and research in my own time.

The diet: a lot of foods & the containers they come in (plastics, BPA) have chemicals that affect hormones. Growth hormones and pesticides in meats and vegetable crops, chemicals in processed foods, fast foods etc. Not here to shame anyone's dietary preferences or imply anything other than there is a lot of new chemicals on the market that we simply haven't had the time span to really know the trends & results of. But there is supporting research out there that ponder on how they affect hormones.

The birth control: similar thing with the food- not enough time to know the long term side effects since it's creation. Depo provera & nuvaring have class action laws suits against them and few people I know that have taken them, myself included, didn't go without awful side effects. A lot of women also report awful effects from IUDs and the ones that go in your arm.

Vaccinations  - once again same thing. This sh*t hasn't been on the market long enough to know what's going to happen to us, even medical trials can have faults. The Gardasil lawsuit over deaths and serious injuries. Anyone else given the HPV vaccine when they were a teen and end up with serious reproductive issues??? Clearly enough for there to be a huge lawsuit- but personally I was forced to take it and the things I've gone through with my own reproductive system are unbelievable. Another personal observation - steroid treatments used to be a standard for asthma treatment in children. I was given steroids daily for 8 years and that affects your hormones by flooding your body with testosterone.

I don't have the answers but I do know that it seems like we are set up to fail as the human race if something is not done!




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      I remember when I was younger my Aunt Mutt would always say, I'm getting ready to go Paint on a Face that would have me so weak from laughing but the older I get I feel the need to Paint on a Face, before I go anywhere lol,ya feel me!!! lbvvs
      • Susan Collins
        You need a partner that compliments your journey on reaching your elevated self. Everyone isn’t meant to be a part of that and you can tell when they aren’t.
        • Susan Collins
          I’m not one of those people that yern for male attention. I high key actually want y’all to leave me alone. However, my door is always open for more lady friends lol
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