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Yes, my name is Amy from Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri, United States of America, Thanks God.
I'm a young woman student at college University of Missouri to study education bilingual and teach kids a better English language. My sister just recently got married. But I decided to wait and achieve a degree in education before i decide what I'm going to do with my life.
OK, I also love kitty cats and have just one boy at home, he is my pet.


Basketball is the sport I like to watch. But, I personally play Volleyball. I have three balls at home to keep playing that sport with my friends from college.
The Volleyball Ball to Play A ball like this one is what I recently got from my father.


The Hunt, Project Power, Underwater, Ava, Alive, Spenser Confidential, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Insurance CompanyGeico Insurance for my car. Call (888) 395-1200 for current Homeowner, renters, or condo policy insurance coverage.
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List of Hobbies

This question is for everyone..what are some good hobbies for a young woman? I follow the directions that will lead me to success, always right with that.
This is the list of hobbies i like to do:
Get in Touch With Your Inner Bookworm. Mayur KakadeGetty Images.
Make Like Bob Ross and Paint a Picture.
Belt out Some Tunes. 
Put on Your Dancing Shoes. 
Start a Scrapbook. 
Catch the Theater Bug.
Learn to Take Better Pictures.
Cultivate a Green Thumb.

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    • Amy Hirabayashi
      Sitting down with Daschiel Hammet audiobooks for a while. I love those old gumshoe detective stories. The Name of this one intrigues me-- " The Girl with the Silver Eyes" I would have loved to have been a detective in 1940's San Francisco.
      • Amy Hirabayashi
        So thankful for family and friends! Dryer isn't working, my brother’s family not only let me use there dryer but folded everything too! Today a friend heard about the problem yesterday and offered to come and fix my screens. While there he smelled gas. I thought I smelled gas in the morning. Thanks to the fire department who found the leak! Thank you God for surrounding me with friends and family who care and support me in practical ways.
        • Amy Hirabayashi
          People that don’t clean the machine off after using them at the gym are global terrorist. #justsayin
          • Amy Hirabayashi
            Reality is real. Life is short. Life constantly changes
            • Amy Hirabayashi
              We live in one of the oldest home in town, I think it was built in 1788. Anyway, I was putting things in the hall closet, and my Aunt noticed the closet must have dead space behind it, so she started vaguely pulling at wall panels and one gave way! Mostly found mouse poop, but there was also a little bag of coins towards the back wall. I pulled it out to discover a little cache of silver quarters, including a standing liberty! Nothing worth thousands of dollars, but pretty cool nonetheless.
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