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    • Christine L Leitgeb
      I would like to maka much deserved apology to a precious friend of mine, Justina. A few days ago I posted a pic ofa coin from the 1981 royal wedding. While we working together Justina found the commemorative coin and gifted it to me. I got the coin mixed up with the commemorative plate on the same shelf, given to me when my friend Kenya passed away. Well, I came across it the other night and the first thought in my mind was "Oh, I got this when Kenya passed away." I got confused and made a mistake. I want to apologize to Justina. I sure didn't mean to do that!
      • Christine L Leitgeb
        Maybe people should practice how to do kisses better! In between several successful videos from the mother media site YouTube , Draca shows her audience online how a real kiss should be done. I recognize good videos as soon i see it by their pictures. Always when feeling to stressed or low because the difficult circumstances is best to stop and turn on the smartphone or a computer and log in into book of like and start watching these published content free videos
        • Christine L Leitgeb
          Watching "A Barbara Mandrell and Mandrell Sisters Christmas Special" from 1986. How I love having YouTube on my new 70 inch 4K TV #blessed
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