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Anyone Else Worried About How There Going To Just Survive With The Rising Prices?

Anyone Else Worried About How There Going To Just Survive With The Rising Prices?

I am having very sever anxiety over it.
At my wits end.
Things we do to save money.
Buy in bulk, discounted, on sale.
Live off cash, save up for things.
Have 1 vehicle,  1 cell between 2 adults.
Cut each others hair.
Don't wear make up, jewelry, do my nails.
Buy pretty much everything second hand.
Garden, can, dehydrate, compost, recycle.
Only go out to run errands, medical appointments.
Don't have cable or satellite.
Our rent includes water, heat, garbage, parking, internet.
Reuse what we have, use stuff up.
Reuse plastic shopping bags for garbage.
Don't have kids.
Hang clothes to dry.
Don't use fabric softener, dyer sheets.
Cut up old clothing, towels for cleaning rags.
Save seeds.
Try to get as much free as we can.
Have 1 light bulb in each light fixture.
Keep lights off as much as we can.
Cover windows in  Reflective material & black out curtains in summer, to keep heat out.
Only go out to eat a few times a year.
Don't celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries.
Don't go on vacations.
Only visit family every few years.
Don't have cable or satellite.
Got the cheapest car insurance.
Need to switch to a cheaper cell plan.
Have 2 streaming services.
Cover windows & frames in clear plastic shrink wrap.
To keep out drafts.
Only eat out a few times a year.
Don't go to fancy coffee places.
Price compare as much as I can.
Collect store points towards free stuff or groceries.
Freeze leftovers.
Fix what we can ourselves.
Collect bottles & cans to return for the deposit.
Do odd jobs when we can.
Do all our own yard work, cleaning, laundry.
Need to find more areas to cut back.
The Price Of Eggs Cartons
Prices are going up and not stooping.

Answers (29)

    • Ebby Ebb

      No. Prices fluctuate and pay is rising. Speaking for myself, it won’t hurt us to cook with less meat and be a little more self sustainable.
      It’s good to remember that people have been though a LOT harder times and survived. ( Mini ice age, potato famine, wars/rations, depression, etc )

      • Abdul Alnajar

        Some people learn how to study by themselves those times and, in the depth of inflation in '70's some were eating cat food for protein needs, and it was the same then with the gas shortage too. (I heard on a television documentary about that).

        • Warner Little

          I remember in the early 70's when there was a coffee, sugar, toilet paper and gas shortage.
          Also, at that time, you had to be under a certain amount of fuel before you could get gas.

          • Keyonce Lanae

            I’m thankful that I’m able to work from home. We save money on gas and wear and tear on my vehicle. My girlfriend has a 40 minute commute. We’ve talked about selling a house we have in Florida, but with the current market, you’re priced right out of a home that’s way more than it truly should be. So we are staying out and budget accordingly. We follow Dave Ramsey (finance personality) so that has helped us.

          • It’s also more cost effective to cook your own food from scratch. That’s what I’ve done most of my life. I’ve always been a bit of a big saver. If things get too bad I will buy old hens and dress them out. Go hunting for rabbit squirrels, and turkey. Go fishing and can fresh fish and meat.

          • Honest answer, no. If nothing else, I’m hopeful that it forces me to be more conscientious and intentional about what I consume.
            Having said that, there’s also only so much you can take away before a situation become untenable. I’m really hopeful that’s not where you are.

          • When l first set up housekeeping hamburger 29 cents a lb, milk, and gas were 28 cents a gallon, and bread was 10 cents a loaf and a panic attack when grocery bill was more than 25 dollars week. Not sure how l made it to today but l did. I also called my grandmother's a lot. Don't let the stress get to you.. keep calm and carry on, you got this. We all do

            • Vanessa Essa

              Don't be worried. There are tons of jobs if people can work extra and there's almost always room to reduce what we are already buying. Buy on sale, work your meals around that and use the ingredients that are always cheap as well. It will pass.

              • Ashley Stires

                It doesn't matter because that part isn't in our control. We can't change that, all we can do is adjust how we react.

              • I can do some of these things and I can eat less food and limit my extras. However, where is the joy in living? Most all of my best memories are spending time with my children. I would not trade that for any amount of money. Even in hard times I have to look forward to something.

                • Jessica Dave

                  I look forward to each family dinner with my family, It takes me about 2 hrs to prepare (from scratch) most of my meals but They are delicious and the family applicate’s it No rush to get ready for the week relax, enjoy, food, fellowship, I do the cleanup when everyone leaves!! MY choice!!! menu includes, chicken / noodles (homemade) chicken / rice glazed carrots, porkloin / mashed potatoes / root vegetables, Porkhock  / Lentil Stew with cornbread, Chicken / white bean Chili, Bratwurst / sauerkraut / potatoes, Stirfry / rice, chicken cacciatore / everyones favorite!! breakfast for Dinner, featuring sausage / Bacon, ( pancakes, waffles, biscuits & gravy ) eggs to order or a egg casserole!! Cinnamon rolls …you get the idea the menu is endless!! All family favorites!!’ & I love serving it and hearing about all the work / school / family activities / vacations etc, also the sports schedule, I try to attend several of every family member’s events each season though I don’t like to travel far at night anymore!!! so the close activities / events school & church!!!

                • I am in my best season of life. I have one little baby and one son 2 years old, and I look forward to being able to do exactly what you are doing as they start their own families and bring me all the grand-babies some day! There has been nothing in my life more fulfilling than raising my children. I know they will see tough times. But, I want them to always know they can come home.

                  • Mary Binkley

                    Yes it’s anxiety provoking. Some people at my home do not like Turkey so I order Amish (I’m in Pa) BBQ Ribs. They are expensive like $28-30 for a full rack. Well today they text a special .. “Today only buy 1 get 1 free ) I ran over and throwing them in the freezer. I’ll thaw them out day before add There BBQ sauce and reheat at 350. I’m praying they will taste good. But I had to save $30

                    • Lauren Dotson

                      Only buy meat when it's on sale and if it's reasonable then I buy 2 and freeze 1. Hamburger I buy big and freeze in approximate 1lb packs and pork chops 2 in waxed paper then freeze in freezer bags.

                      • Betty White

                        that’s how I shop. Good job! I hope so.. of course the Amish said” it might not taste the same reheated”.
                        I said why give me them.

                        • Lauren Archer

                          You seem to be doing more than most to save and conserve money.
                          I've picked up extra work when money is tight. Sold off some things and done crafts to sell.
                          Odd jobs people need done us extra cash.
                          Cleaning house and yard work are regularly advertised in online city groups.
                          Its either earn more or use less....doesn't look like you could possibly use less so....check out some extra income.

                        • Form a group of meal sharing? Our lives have to change. No choice. Eliminate all snack foods, all eating out. Put the emphasis on fruit for “sweets”. No processed foods, freezer ready meals. Visit sites that feature “old timer ” meals. Those that went before us had no access to what we have now, yet they created healthy meals and survived to give birth to healthy children and grandchildren. We can too.

                        • I saw a video where a lady made a feast for 10 out of one chicken, some ramen noodles and a can or two of vegetables.

                          • Ava Anderson

                            We will all survive, but the grocery store prices are frightening!! I don't remember meat prices being this high, EVER.
                            These all changes for worse pisses me off, but I’m not worried. Spend smart, save where you can.

                          • They are horrible.
                            Been having more panic attacks. I try to remind myself that I don’t have to figure it out all at once. Just take things one day at a time and think through things systematically and with the mindset of problem solving.

                          • Excellent advice. One day at a time, and if everything still seems overwhelming, just take it one hour at a time. And try to focus on the blessings in your life, the things and kids you have already with you.

                            • Julia Garner

                              That’s the way it’s done. Step by step, write everything down, this country has gown thru much harder times. Break it down to needs vs wants.
                              Always treat yourself to something you can look forward too.
                              Play!! Water balloons to getting a straw and making bubbles.
                              Sit on porch and wave.
                              Cut out non nutritional stuff.
                              Smile at thrift store.
                              You can make soups, casserole and dig out those old cookbooks.
                              Communicate with anyone you owe money.
                              Be proactive weekly with bills. Not every day.

                              • Mary Power

                                We dream of buying. But for us it's only ever going to be a dream. Just have to find cheaper rent.

                              • Go for a long walk, it won’t change the situation, but will help to reduce your anxiety about it.
                                The market ebbs and flows a lot. We’ll get through it. Just have to be a little more cautious.

                                • Jade Tailor

                                  Definitely. We have to continue to keep our eyes on the blessings.
                                   I am as well. We have cut everything we possibly can. Only thing left to cut is rent.

                                • I’m with you, I'm thinking we are going to have to move way more rural to find cheaper rent. And I hope the containers crisis will stop soon.

                                  • Susan Roughley

                                    We are considered selling our house and renting instead. After a bit of looking I realized there was no way we were going to find a rental for cheaper than our mortgage.

                                    • Susan Collins

                                      As long as you guys keep stocking up and mass consuming prices won't come down supply vs demand.
                                      Mid pandemic when Noone was driving gas dropped to an all time low because they couldn't sell it. When we all emerged again it shot back up and they are recouping cost.
                                      If we all stop mass consuming priced will drop again.
                                      We should get that. Don’t give up. Trust that you will find what you need.

                                      • Axolotl Baby

                                        A little bit about my business and life style! I have always kept a pretty well stocked pantry. We live in the rural Midwest where it’s blizzards in the winter and a couple of tornadoes in the summer to knock out the power so I stock up. I watch the ads and buy what is on sale as much as possible. I make a 2 week menu for our dinners with what I am buying. If I have extra cash from my food budget I buy a little extra canned goods etc. I rotate my “stock” when I buy new it goes in the back and the o5her cans move forward. Keep a short inventory of what is on hand and we never go hungry.

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