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Ava Anderson


About me: 
I'm a model who loves spending time with friends online and talking on the chat sometimes. (Modeling is an addiction to me and it is my career for work).
I have an extensive list of beauty care products on my beauty box and use them every day.
Sometimes, life is scary and dark.
That is why we must find the light.
My goal is to find and spread that light every day.
I'm the happiest adventurer in the world! but, I don't like fake people who want to make me think they are my friends and they aren't no where near.
I think that my home is not an actual place, let me give you a clue. Home is anywhere that people care about you.
The answer was too simple, and I was too smart to see it!
I guess it is now apparent to me that you have to eat healthy more than one time to get your body in shape, how cruel and unfair life can be!


School play sports Basketball, Ice hockey, Softball, Soccer. 


The Witch, The Help, Someone Great, The Edge of Seventeen, Wild, Zero Dark Thirty, Lady Bird.

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List of Hobbies

I'm taking a fashion styling course right now, I do some Fashion sometimes too.
Watching TV, Walking, Doing some Stylish Garden.

ProfessionI Work at home with the computer.
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