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    • Lauren Dotson
      Not only did I sit in the drive thru at Sonic for one hour, but when I finally made it to the window it was 7:58 , they said one minute please and came back at 8:17 and said sorry , we are closed. The drive through they have is impossible to leave from. They refused to have the five cars in front of me that got to order pull forward to let the ten cars out . So over one hour min later we are all finally allowed to leave the drive thru- with no food and I’m beyond outraged at the moment!! NEVER AGAIN!!! I should have just drove off, I know.
      • Lauren Dotson
        So I’m at the grocery store checking out today and the cashier goes, “oh I have never seen this!” Me: (thinking she’s referring to my organic tampons) Yes, it’s either those or the cup. We gotta be reallly careful what we put in there. Do you know how chemicals they put in those things?! Cashier: I was talking about the kitty litter Me: ***BLUSHES*** Ohhhh...Well, now ya know!
        • Lauren Dotson
          Never lose yourself thinking these things are truly You. Don't lose Yourself to yourself. lol. Read that again cause you can be your own deeply conditioned enemy from this engineered society. Don't lose You. The true, sincere, authentic You.
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