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Ebby Ebb


At the beginning I was working and making a career record, but then I got engage wit this great guy and quit that business. I went to study at University UCLA in Los Angeles, Ca, United Sates.
The saddest thing is that in a short time he left me for my best friend and then I had to start all over again and never trust a cute face or a nice voice again.
Being a hotel manager for a living isn't a great job to me and probable I will go back to study another career path for a change.


Softball, Bolling, Running,

Insurance CompanyAll States insurance
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ProfessionManager, Hotel Occupancy
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    • Ebby Ebb

      RIP sweet Luis!! Thank you for the endless afternoons of entertainment that filled my afternoons as a child. You and the other colorful...More

      • Ebby Ebb

        I have been feeling kind of low on positivity for no reason the past few days- not really like myself.I must need more coffee. I hope...More

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