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Vanessa Essa


My career takes all time from my life. I rarely share stuff online and what I really enjoy is reading others stories, opinions and looking at their pictures as their lives go on everyday.
I really love to watch Tv and sports events most of the times.
I studied at Studied at the Faculty of Sport Education.


Soccer football, American Football, Softball, Basketball and many more.

Insurance CompanyI like most pittsburgh Philadelphia insurance companies, but I choose PHLY.
Country / CityPittsburgh, Philadelphia / United States
Date Today
Preferred Color #0EFBCC
List of Hobbies

I enjoy arts and crafts, listening to classic music, songs from the 80's, watching tutorials on Youtube videos etc.

ProfessionSports Teacher
vanessa, essa, vanessa essa, Songs, The 80's, Crafts, Education, Tutorials, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Softball, Basketball, Reading, Stories, PHLY
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    • Vanessa Essa
      When it comes to my boundaries with my time and space, then people need to be watching their step. If it’s a problem for you, you have permission to just not involve yourself with me. I would have nothing but respect for that. Don’t try to force and push me to give away the time and space that I am unwilling to give beyond my comfort ability in that moment.
      • Vanessa Essa
        We finally found a great house for a great price were offered it 3 days ago! We are so so excited to finally have a big yard for the kids to play in! Also, my Kids got up, showered and dressed for church, with no arguing! We even arrived 30 min early instead of sliding in right on time or God forbid, LATE.
        • Vanessa Essa
          Everything I desire I’m going to recieve. Say THAT witcho CHEST!
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