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Do you think it’s not just about not wasting things and being frugal?

    Tomika Langley
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    Do you think it’s not just about not wasting things and being frugal?

    Only writing this because I've been married for almost 15 years and I feel that I have a little life experience.
    Most of us are all struggling in these times, No matter what age. I don’t know how young people manage to keep a roof over their head and food on their tables today, with the ridiculous cost of EVERYTHING.  I have lived very frugal my whole life because we were so poor. I have also worked very hard and had an abundance but still lived frugal because it was ingrained in me.
      My mother said she always thought if you could pay your bills ( necessities ) and have enough $$ to not worry about if you could buy needed groceries - you were rich.  
       We even had to start over once and leave our home state for the opportunity of a better job. My husband and I both worked hard with mandatory overtime jobs, saved all the overtime $$ as much as we could. Bought a small house and made sure our home expenses could be covered in one week of our take home pay. Paid the house off early, and saved to pay cash or big down payments on all major purchases.  
    We were blessed to take our kids on a road trip in a van across the country. We used our credit card to get free points and cash, But NEVER carry a balance, paid it off every month. Took advantage of No-interest loans, BUT make sure you're never late on a payment cuz the interest will kill ya. 
     I have a good life with everything I need now, but living on social security and medicare is NOT enough. You have to have a substantial savings for those months where Pensions are short or major expenses hit. Just things like Taxes, Insurance and Medical Expenses, or Car Repairs can hit you hard. Also, we have a camper and if we take a road trip we have to budget in the extra expenses on the road.  
    Some nights I wonder, if we will have enough savings to last for our needs. I dislike the flipping advice of some experts who say “Well just cut your Starbucks out?!?” How out of touch are they? Lots of all suggestions to be frugal help, but they won’t cover when there isn’t enough income to pay necessities. Which is what I see our young people facing.
    But I’m very Grateful and Blessed because we lived in a time of more opportunity. I feel most of our younger generation has it so much harder with the price of College and Housing Costs. Having a strong Country is having good jobs and opportunity and affordable housing. Don’t waste.
    Frugal Money Earned
    Do you think it’s not just about not wasting things and being frugal? Being frugal with money is a smart idea! And no, it is about creating opportunity. Thanks

    Answers (71)

    • Such great advice and all the rest of the folks around here. I'm Praying for all of us to be blessed with wisdom and discipline so that our income get us through the tough times and beyond.

      • Tiffany Welch

        You have so much wisdom!!!! Every word written was from the heart and life itself!!!! 
        Thank you!!! 

        • Ximena Cortez

          Wow I hope lots of people read this you are close to the bone and all true Thanks for your wisdom. Although I may be older than you. I appreciate all your good thoughts

        • Amen, sister! We all have to work and we all have to work at keeping our Country strong. And yes, I agree that the younger generation has it harder, including but not limited to, the price of education, housing and taxes. I think we need to bring back some of those self-sufficient things, not only for ourselves but to teach the young ones. Thank you for your post!

        • You simply couldn't be more frugal than my Grandma who, up until she died at age 91, would bend over holding onto her walker (like that was gonna keep her from falling over) to pick up a penny.

        • You are so right. I work for a bankruptcy firm and seeing people who have worked hard their whole lives but now STRUGGLE to live very simple lives having basic retirement / social security as their income. It has really humbled me and made me much more thankful for the simple things we have like a simple & safe home and food on the table for my family.

        • I’m overwhelmed by all the beautiful comments and wonderful wise and good people who answered. Bless you all with Health and Joy. Thank you. ( And to think i almost didn’t post this cuz I was embarrassed and didn’t want to come off bossy! ). You made my Year

          • Yuly Baez

            Wow! You have a wonderful message for all of us. So true, all that you have written.Thx for sharing your journey thus far & God bless

          • your Grandma generation has taught my generation well. I have made mistakes as we all have but I remember what my Grandmother and parents did to make ends meet.

          • I appreciate you sharing your experience in a kind, non judgmental way. After working so hard and being so diligent, I hope you can still enjoy your time.
            I loved how you mentioned you were blessed to take your children on a van trip. I remember going with my parents when I was a kid, it was a great life then.

          • Very well said and good advice…most people our age know these things, I was taught by my family who were frugal…my story is similar only I ended up divorced young with no child support, but my two kids and I made it because I was frugal…I worked hard, often 2 jobs and bought my first house by myself at age 30!…no handouts or government assistance!

          • WOW, that's wonderful!! You rock! I keep an eye on those tips now on and maybe I also have  chance to be on the solid economics stability soon.

            • Ryan Torres

              Well written! May you be blessed with good health and a great retirement! 
              You are preaching words of wisdom. Not everybody will receive those words. I've lived the same way and have always done so even when I didn't have to. The biggest gift I have given my kids and will my grandkids too, for me to to live by what you preach here today.❤️

              • Melissa Lane

                You are so right. Many of us have been married many years and could have written the same story as you. I personally have always been frugal and raised a big family always feeling blessed but never wasteful. It would be difficult raising a family with that amount of members now because of cost of life in U.S. and in the world too.

                • Kate Berman

                  I agree with you. I was raised in a family with 8 kids. We had enough, but not enough to waste. My motto is, "I like to spend money, not waste it."

                • It’s really refreshing to hear a person acknowledging that times have changed and financially it’s more difficult for younger generations. I get so tired of hearing “I worked and put myself through school” or “They’re lazy and living off they’re parents.” If it was an option for younger people they’d put themselves through school and live on their own as well. It’s just not an option anymore.

                  • Sheila Hines

                    It is interesting. I heard my mother saying "It was such a different time when I was my daughter's age. Economy was great! My employer paid for college while I worked full time. 80s were the best!

                    • Darcy Martin

                      My mother  went to college in the 90s and she said It was still some what affordable. Then she got another degree in the mid 2000s and the cost like tripled. Today, she still trying to pay it off.

                      • Leslie Parker

                        So difficult for young folks trying to make ends meet while going to college, along with a house full of room mates. Our son wanted to go off to college, but is now glad he didn't. He has friends that just couldn't make it work. One lost a year b4 moving back home, another decided to join the military. They both had 100% scholarships for tuition when they started.

                        • Deena Johnson

                          These times have definitely changed. I wonder how we ever did it. I'm only 27y and worry about how our children will ever do it just to live a basic life with basic human needs.

                        • I’m not that much young anymore. Still, it’s good for me to read what you’ve written  Always more to learn. Thank you for that.

                        • Times have definitely changed. I wonder how we ever did it. I'm in my forties  and worry about how our children will ever do it just to live a basic life with basic human needs.

                          • Shelley Long

                            I’m not that much young anymore. Still, it’s good for me to read what you’ve written, there is always more to learn. 
                            Thank you for your words of wisdom and truth.

                          • I read your whole message , and appreciate your experience, advice, and sentiments so much. Will be 40 here in couple weeks, married, with 2 older stepkids, and 2 of my own, 6 and 14 months. We try our best to live the way you’ve explained, but I do feel it is harder today.

                            • Sarah Fier

                              Thank you for recognizing the challenges the younger generation faces. I think those that under thirty the most, will appreciate your tips. Thank you for sharing.

                            • I just want to say I appreciate hearing from someone a little older, and it gives me hope for the future. I feel comforted by your message.
                              So well said! Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.

                              • Roy Salas

                                Great advice to youngsters like my children and grandchildren. I see a lot of youngsters living beyond their means and many do not understand the concept of loans and saving. Yes cost of living has gone up, but youngsters being entitled also has increased. High school education should inculcate value of financial knowledge which is hardly done. Financial literacy is most important in this era, not just a college degree. Many either use credit cards for everything or think it’s the worst thing. There should be a middle ground and it comes with being financially literate.
                                Seen youngsters who buy a Lexus or BMW while making 60k while I have also seen people driving their old Honda Accords while being millionaires. It’s all in our priorities, which our generation seems to have forgotten. I also feel our generation is spoiled and entitled.

                              • I totally agree with you. I had a dependable car and a small home, only because I worked extra jobs. Alot of the younger generation live way beyond there means. They want what took us decades to accumulate. Many never learned to live frugally. I think a lot of parents want to give their kids things they didn't have growing up. That's fine, but it does not prepare them for the times we live in now.

                              • You are so right especially about how hard it is for young people. We had our only child late in life. He is 19 and lives with us. I get so upset with family, friends and complete strangers tells us to kick him out. Make him get out and support himself. He works and helps us out. We have managed to have our little house built paid with cash, our trucks and cars paid off. Everything will be his one day. He isn't interested in getting married ever he says. Lol. Yes he wishes he could afford his own place but not possible right now. We have told him he is totally welcome here as long as he wants. He is saving as much as he can and we are so happy for him. One day he either have this house or sell and move where he wants. Just maybe he won’t have to struggle the way so many people do.

                              •  I so agree with your comments about your son living at home still. It always astounds me when I hear parents say - cant wait til they are out of the house, etc. I loved having mine at home. And never thought like that. If they had a never being by their own out there.

                                • Juliana Tyson

                                  My older brother has been a blessing to us from the beginning. He is the only male child of my parents and the child they were told they would never be able to have. My Mother haven’t been able to drive for a few years because of her eyesight problem. He has driven her to appointments etc. When we all moved to our new house he was such a help with the physical work of moving heavy stuff. We help him and he helps us. To me that is what family does.

                                  • Enid Matos

                                    I feel the same way. I'm raising my nephew and it's been pure joy. If he wanted to live here forever, he could.

                                  • I’m 49 now and staring down the barrel of retirement. Hubby and I have been married 25 years. We’ve always been frugal, and have had the good fortune to do pretty well.
                                    The only advice I could possibly add ( because the OP’s statement is GREAT) is help them out in a useful way when you can! Know the clothing sizes, if they’ve got little's buy them diapers if you see the right size on sale, or that next sized pair of shoes.
                                    If you’re doing great offer to pay for a kid’s swim lessons or maybe slip them an Amazon or general store gift card BEFORE Christmas.
                                    Once they’re in deep doodoo it’s so hard to get out! And as we all know, bad options lead to bad decisions.

                                    • Yasmin Lee

                                      it’s insane isn’t it? My daughter has had the worst experience with college so far since Covid. It’s been a complete waste of money.

                                    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Why is it, that people gang up on each other? My God, let this woman know what she did is remarkable.

                                    • My grandma is saying "Thank you for speaking how it is for our children - so many seem to think "they will get by just fine - tough it out like we did" but have no heart as to what our young people are really going through are really facing. I appreciate you speaking the truth and without judgement and harshness". I like her opinion on this post.

                                    • Thanks so much for your post and amazing advice!! Much appreciate your perspective.
                                      Blessings to you!

                                    • PS… just paid my daughter’s semester tuition after various scholarships over $9k but what kills me is $275 processing fee? My electric company charges $1.50!?
                                      PPS.. my son graduated debt free from a 4 year university! Hallelujah

                                      • Lisa Brown

                                        It is such a waste of money.
                                        I graduated now but was still charged $500 a semester for a printing allowance (even though we were online and not even allowed to go to the school to print) and $1500 a semester for lab fees for virtual school.
                                        Not optional.
                                        I’m still mad about it

                                      • Great ways to pass on blessings. I have opened my door to adult children and grandkids and have them a helping hand when truly I see the need. It gives me Joy to be able to help. Even if it’s sending over a cooked meal.

                                        • Nadia Boyer

                                          I agree with everything you said and have always lived the same way…unfortunately my husband spent money as soon as it came and knew I’d figure out a way…..makes it really hard when you’re not on the same page or each take responsibility.

                                        • I wasn't able to get much needed dental work during our marriage, because my ex-wife's  golfing gear was more important. She had high blood pressure ( She was non compliant) and she had to have the latest gear because" golfing was exercise and good for her heart. ". She spent every penny I saved. Yeah, we are divorced, I didn't want to eat cat food during retirement.

                                        • I'm one who learned most the hard way but thank God daily I learned - never too late to put a plan into action. I'm grateful for all I have and daily clear out more to donate. Why in the world I thought I needed so much. Expect it was because I had so little for so long and didn't trust I could achieve and reach where I am today. Baby steps. Blessings to you.

                                          • Dana Cookson

                                            Thanks for sharing your story. I worry about our Senior Citizens more than the young people. Alot of young people can go live with parents or friends but our Seniors? Most of their parents and or their friends are deceased or had to move in with their family. I tend to advocate more for our Seniors and Disabled folks. Alot are unable to go out and get a part-time job. The closer my mother and her husband are getting to retirement the more they think they will be working the rest of their lives.

                                          • I can talk as a senior citizen because my grandmother lived with me till she passed way 5 years ago, I can tell you social security is not near enough without some supplemental savings, 401K or extra income. Yes the disabled & our seniors who have worked so hard for years are concerned about the future as much as our young are concerned about opportunity.

                                            • Grainger Long

                                              Love your words. My family, my mother and her husband have always been frugal. I worry about how our children & grandchildren will survive this world.

                                              • Ethan Currier

                                                I wholeheartedly agree with you. I'm 43. In my first marriage we always budgeted and lived on less than our income would allow. As a result, when we divorced 6 years later, we were worth 89,000 dollars and I got half.

                                              • Such smart planning! How great way to start your new life! Cash for a small and frugal home, savings, and the experience of knowing how to take good care of you! Enjoy this new found freedom and do the things you enjoy! Good job!


                                                • Luis Alonso

                                                  That's exactly what I did after a misstep in buying a house and studio that was too hard to maintain. The good part about it is that I've owned my homes outright after we paid off our first house. I don't have a mortgage. My parents were in real estate, they said you should own the roof over your head.

                                                  • Amarie Sieg

                                                    Make sure it is energy efficient, low taxes and insurance, good location that should go up in value. It's an investment not a status symbol. Be wise and invest well.

                                                    • Carla Gifts

                                                      Thank you! You are an inspiration to us all. ❤️

                                                    • Thank you for sharing! Sometimes it’s hard to keep the future in perspective when there are sooo many expenses now. I have 2 kids 4-7and I know that the expenses are going to increase through college. Our future is important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Thank you for sharing your experiences so we can have a proper perspective.

                                                    • I’m 25 and same. I’ve had ups and downs and some was of my own doing but I was raised to be resourceful, frugal and creative with cooking, making a nice home and all that goes with it. So thankful for my ancestors who instilled that in my parents, who showed me. I now see my young 7 year old son being good about those things.

                                                    • I was married 42 years and husband became disabled due to massive stroke 12 years ago - we have always been frugal !!
                                                        My husband had that serious stroke 2.5 years ago and he died last year.. being frugal helps alot!

                                                    • I was married 42 years and husband became disabled due to massive stroke 12 years ago - we have always been frugal !!
                                                        My husband had that serious stroke 2.5 years ago and he died last year.. being frugal helps alot!

                                                    • My mother is 56y old & her husband (my stepfather) is 68. They’ve live fairly frugally their entire marriage (20 years) and they have decent investments. But, they are still very worried that their money will not last tat long.

                                                      • Erma Davis

                                                        My father had just turned 48y age 2 weeks before his stroke - lost 1/3 of his brain - in wheelchair - never able to work again, poor man.

                                                        • Tara Bannon

                                                          I will keep you all in my prayers. 
                                                          When you have your health you have everything you need.
                                                          In tough times we need to reach out and help others.
                                                          Been through almost losing my child and 6 months of recovery.
                                                          It is life changing.
                                                          I’m thankful for everyday.

                                                        • My mother has also struggle but she has everything she needs and yes it’s hard to live off SS but it is what it is.

                                                        • Thank you for sharing your wisdom. What you speak of is now the disappearing middle class...

                                                        • Your perspective and kind words are inspiring. As a young person who has a full time career while pursuing a bachelors degree, finances get extremely tight sometimes. I'm thankful for the kind people like you in this group who provide such valuable insight like this.

                                                          • Bill Mayne

                                                            Thank you for your awesome post.
                                                            I agree with everything you said.
                                                            Wonderful advice. Best wishes on your retirement.

                                                            • Bella Thorne

                                                              You’re spot on with what you wrote. So thank you. Hopefully it helps to educate others that it’s not a decision that you suddenly say I’m going for it because it’s a state of mind. I love how you have gratitude for saying you are blessed!

                                                              • Anita Joseph

                                                                I am in my thirties already worrying about retirement and if I’ll have enough. Definitely need to save more!
                                                                Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

                                                                • Ally Brooke

                                                                  What a wonderful post . Me and my husband have worked hard all our lives. We are OK because I am frugal. I worry about my children. I pray that I instill in them some sort of frugality. They prep meals, don’t buy what is not necessary, but still, even though they have good jobs, they need to be frugal . The cost of everything is beyond normality . I tell them all the time not to waste.

                                                                  • Larry Williams

                                                                    Very well said.
                                                                    I can really relate to this completely.
                                                                    We have a very similar value system, never wasted anything growing up, made the most of what we had & worked for what we got.
                                                                    I still live that way.

                                                                  • My mom never had credit cards and was very upset when I got my first one in my early twenties. In hind sight our generation most do live beyond our means. Most parent’s homes were paid for by the time they retired.
                                                                    Many in my generation including my family have refinanced to pay off charge cards, I hope I won't have a mortgage after retirement. My best advice, live within your means.
                                                                    Have a budget and stick to it.
                                                                    Put the max in your 401k and put raises away in savings like you never got it.

                                                                  • God bless you both!!
                                                                    It is scary for sure.
                                                                    I’m single and 49 ~ it would be nice to think I could retire in 15.5yrs. But I know that isn’t happening.
                                                                    It’s a real gift to be with someone who you can work through life with!!!

                                                                    • Rita Wilson

                                                                      My uncle is 74 and still working! I feel so bad that he has to because we’re so afraid to just live off of SS and without savings for our retirement some day, just like him.

                                                                      • Angela Gray

                                                                        Oh yes it must be great to exist comfortably with a companion.

                                                                        • Rebecca Elstrom

                                                                          My husband and son do the same thing. I use a spatula to remove the rest and there's usually about 1/3 c left in the jar.
                                                                          My dogs don't like peanut butter but my cats do, unfortunately they get their heads stuck if I give them the empty jar.

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