Show The World Your Smile And Never Let It Change, As True Smiling Eyes Insures Your Book Has An Untethered Soul

Juliana Tyson


I see why people care about me so much! they want to be just like me, this has been happening since I was at highschool and still at college when I was making my career as a registered nurse. I studied at Prism Career Institute in Memphis.
I told my friends " if you want to keep being my friend, then allow me to be the way i'm and never try to change me".
I have to confess, they cook delicious, which means, I can't afford losing them ever.

I grew up with my grandma, you people can figure it out what happened with my real parents. I don't blame them, they had their rights with their lives and split ll over the place without me. stiil, I'm a very happy woman and I work for the living, I like paying my bills..

Insurance CompanyI have Nationwide insurance for my car.
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