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    • Leah Rodriguez
      I don’t like to waste energy on complaining. The rule of thumb is if it’s something you can control , take the steps to change it. If it’s something out of your control adapt. Complaining does absolutely nothing but create a worst scenario for yourself. I might show my dislike for something one time and that’s my limit. I’m not going to live there.
      • Leah Rodriguez
        I have totally got racially profiled by Dish TV in the mail. Yes, my last name is Rodriguez. Does this mean I have to buy or even receive Dish Latino pamphlets in the mail? No. No I don't think so. Seriously wtf. I didn't even know this was a thing. It was all in the Spanish language. ALL of it.
          • Hannah Einbinder

            You should ask some people, because maybe you just ASSUMED it was racial profiling when it was actually sent to a bunch of people at random. I always get pamphlets for those senior and gay cruises ..Lol

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          • Leah Rodriguez
            Today has been an emotionally hard day for me. There will always be a huge part of me missing. Happy Heavenly birthday, my sweet baby boy! I cherish every moment God gave me with you. Keeping your memory forever in my heart until we are reunited again. I love and miss you more than words will ever say.
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