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Tara Bannon


I am an 8th grade teacher, am a bit tattooed and have a large love for video games, Marvel, DC, LOTR, Star Wars and Star Trek, I'm just a typical nerd. I am and always will be the optimist, The hoper of far-flung hopes, The dreamer of impossible dreams.  I love cuddling, and I live to laugh. smile. The Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another.

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Preferred Color #AE2D2D
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Video Games, Teaching, Music, TV Comics, Role, Playing, Tattoos, Beach Ocean, Traveling, Popcycles Pizza, Humor, Dreams, Joking, Solving Riddles Teaching, Gaming, Cooking, Sketching, Reading, Writing, Swimming, Jet Skiing, Break Dancing

ProfessionHigh School Teacher
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