Cynthia Presley


I'm the only child of my family (my mom and dad), and because of that I got spoiled a lot!
In my bedroom I had like 20 dolls all sizes and designs from different year versions and my closet had it all, it was like a room by itself, full of shoes and closes, accessories for dress up on every occasion.
I still remember that even when I thought i had it all, the truth was that it wasn't right. i was needing a sister or a brother and I never got them.|
Today, when my parents are gone, I'm afraid for my kids the same story of mine and therefore, I'm making sure that doesn't happen again, even if i have to adopt a child, i will have more than one. 
I study my career at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.


Swimming, Running, Soccer Football, American Football, Baseball etc.

Insurance CompanyLiberty Mutual Insurance for my car.
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Preferred Color #79EC96
ProfessionPayroll Lead and Tax Reporting Analyst
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