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I have realized in my life that fear holds you back from living to your most full potential. Sometimes other people will project their own fears and reservations on to you. Next thing you know you are harnessing and holding on to a fear that isn’t even yours, it belongs to somebody else. Like this thing or situation that you are now sitting on edge about Is something you were never afraid of in the first place but now because someone planted it in your ear now you’re scared? I’m realizing that some things don’t even need to be shared with people because of this reason. Keep things to yourself and jump off the porch.

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    • Rita Wilson
      Last year some of my family members true colors were shown to me for the first time. Something devastating happened in my family and parts of mine decided to be thoughtless and insensitive. On that day I was told "my blood is the one who doesn't have real love and intelligence." I removed those people from my life, people whom I used to consider myself lucky to have and very close to. People can change in a matter of seconds. This is why I don't trust many any more. One year ago was just even more motivation for me. I am a better person because of it!
      • Rita Wilson
        For me, it’s never about a Christmas gift and never about an amount of gifts or price tags. It’s all about the people surrounding the Christmas tree and celebrating Jesus Birthday. I could not receive a single thing but hugs from those I love and I would be the happiest. Be thankful and remember the reason for the season!
        • Rita Wilson
          It’s the patience for me, it’s the humility for me, its the protective aura for me, it’s the calm energy for meeee
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