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How To Make Roll Bread From Scratch The Original Recipe?

How To Make Roll Bread from Scratch Recipe Original?

This recipe is for everyone who have requested the scratch roll recipe.
I have 2 Depression scratch roll recipes that I'll post in the comments below. Another shortcut for holiday meals is using frozen yeast rolls instead of making from scratch. My late aunt was always assigned the yeast rolls because hers were perfect and so good! Toward the end of her life, I asked her if she could share her recipe with me. She giggled and took me into her kitchen, opened up her garbage can, and took out an empty package from Rhodes Frozen Rolls. She told me that as she got older she just didn't have the strength and stamina to make them from scratch anymore, so she discovered Rhodes, and no one ever knew the difference - I know I sure didn't! It was our secret until she passed. She did give me her original recipe, and I tried to make it earlier this year, but I followed it exactly and the dough just didn't rise enough. My yeast was fresh. The rolls tasted "OK", but they were really chewy and too dense. It's just not worth the stress to me worrying about how my rolls will turn out, and the Rhodes Frozen Rolls turn out perfectly every time. I posted step-by-step instructions on how I make them with each photo.
Roll Bread From Scratch Recipe Original
This bread looks great!.

  Making Rolls Of Bread For ThanksGiving
The picture shows the temperature.

The Roll Of Bread Recipe From The Beginning

For any of you stressing about Thanksgiving and how to make sure everything is ready at the same time, quite a few years ago I started baking my turkey the day before. Once it's done I carve it, and I separate the dark and white meat into separate crock pots and cover the turkey in each crock with a little of the turkey broth but mostly canned / boxed chicken broth or stock. I also use a little of the turkey broth in my noodle broth and in my dressing and wild rice, so I spread it out! Make sure you cover the turkey completely with broth, then place plastic wrap over the top, place the lids, and refrigerate the crocks. On Thanksgiving morning I take the crocks out, remove the wrap, put the lids back on, and set the crock pots to "Keep Warm". We usually have our meal between 1 and 2, but if you eat earlier, you may need to put your settings on "Low" or even "High" for a bit to make sure it gets warm. It has been a game-changer for me because it frees up my oven, and I don't have to worry about rushing around with the last minute prep and also trying to carve my turkey. The turkey stays tender and juicy because of the extra broth. I also make my rolls a day or 2 before, and then I put them in large Ziploc bags. When I'm ready to warm them I take them out, put in a large wicker basket that I line and cover with a towel, and I microwave them on "Defrost" until they're warm. They are just like I pulled them fresh out of the oven. I prepare my dressing and wild rice ahead of time and bake the day of, adding more broth after baking, if needed. (Afterward, with the extra broth that I covered the turkey in the crock pots with, any leftover wild rice, and any leftover gravy, I make turkey and wild rice soup. I save and boil the turkey carcass and use that stock and leftover bits from the carcass for the meat.) I always have corn, broccoli, and green beans as sides. I use frozen corn and frozen broccoli, and I just add those frozen in small crock pots, season, add 1/2 stick butter, and turn on "Low" the morning of the meal; depending on when you eat, you may want to turn down to "Keep Warm". For the green beans, I get either fresh or frozen whole beans, and I saute them in a skillet with butter, garlic, salt, and pepper until tender-crisp and put them on "Keep Warm" in a crock pot. I have one of the 3-in-1 crock pots, so I put corn in the center crock and broccoli and green beans in crocks on either side of the corn. I'm all about shortcuts and de-stressing holiday meals, so I hope this helps someone.

Answers (33)

  • My mom did the same and I never pay attention how she did it o the oven all by herself lol.
    Thank you! I never thought to put 2 rolls together like that lol.

    • Lisa Woolard

      I'm lucky, my family loves Pillsbury crescent rolls. But I love your recipe, it could be a great idea to start baking it soon!!
      I personally love Rhoades. They have loaf bread too and you can roll it out and make Stromboli, callings, pizzas also.

      • Clinton Crisp

        Yes, I use the loaves, too!
        Great idea!!! Love love love frozen rolls.

        • Kelley Jakle

          I did bake your bread rolls recipe and I have never known anyone that could tell the difference, they are awesome.
          Do you put 2 rolls together?

          • Amber Stevens

            They are my favorite. Thank you ma’am so much for sharing this outstanding bread recipe for next Thanksgiving date.

            • Violet Skies

              That's what I do. Love them.
              I used to bake bread and rolls.
              I also used to EAT them!
              It is. Exactly like that in muffin tins.

            • Yes, I stand them up on end with the scored sides facing each other. I just now included the step-by-step instructions, if you scroll through each photo.

              • Emily Amy

                We call those “butt rolls”. Cause they look like baby tooshies !
                Love it! And yes, they do!

              • I cook in an assisted living facility and that is how I make dinner rolls.
                I use these every year, but I never thought about putting 2 together in muffin pans thanks for the bread tips.

              • It really gives them a different texture - much lighter than baking individually. The last time I made them, I made a few individually without doubling them up, and none of my family liked them.

              • My yeast rolls have always been superb, but it's gotten far too hard for me to keep up with all the work. I appreciate you sharing this and intend to give it a try this year.

              • Their loaves of frozen bread are delicious too. Nothing wrong with a easy tip.

              • That was exactly what happened to my aunt. If anyone could tell the difference, they never said. She said no one ever said anything to her, and I never heard anyone say anything other than raves. I don't know when she made the switch. I'm thankful she told me her "secret". Let me know what you think after trying them! My best friend recently had a massive heart attack, and she's always made the rolls for her family's Thanksgiving. I convinced her to try these, and had to tell her about this post, I showed her all these pictures, then walking her through how to fix them and what they should look like during the process. She doesn't want to make hers on Wednesday only because her family come to visit her all Thursdays and have dinner together, sharing the bread.

                • Ashley Stires

                  Those look amazing and so much easier than homemade. and that's exactly what I need because I'm all about de-stressing the holidays!

                • I use Rhodes all the time. You can do many different kinds of rolls with that bag.
                  By the way, that's an amazing shortcut! Thanks for sharing your family story with us!

                  • Mary Power

                    Yummy. My mom always used Rhodes also. So do I., Mom told me to use frozen pie crust too. If our mom said it was okay I never questioned it.

                    • Vanessa Essa

                      She loved to used the pie crust sticks and the Jiffy Pie Crust mix too. And Yes!! I make these rolls and they are a hit!!

                    • That’s funny! After my grandma passed away I asked my Aunt if she had her famous butter horn roll recipe. Turns out it was from a Betty Crocker cookbook!

                      • Jessica Dave

                        They do look great and they must taste delicious too.
                        Keep that your little secret till it's time to pass it on.
                        Great family inside joke. Thank You for sharing the bread rolls recipe.

                      • I’ve seen those directions on the back of the bag but I just make singles because it’s easier. I love those rolls but you have to make sure not to over rise them.

                        • Mary Binkley

                           It's really not hard - I just stand the rolls on edge. I've done the singles and my family likes the doubles much better - plus they look a little fancy! And yes, you can't let them over-rise.

                          • Lauren Dotson

                            My grandmother made the best lemon meringue pie (1960's). A few years after she passed, my older sister told us "I've been trying to duplicate Grandma's homemade lemon meringue pie for years and I can't get it right!" Our Mom looked at her and said "your grandmother used My-T-Fine pudding mix!" Lol can't find it anymore so I finally found a Southern Living scratch recipe that tastes exactly the same.

                            • Betty White

                              Rhodes is good.
                              This is how I make them also. My Aunt always did it this way.

                              • Lauren Archer

                                I didn't know they had pastry dough, I like it. !
                                 It could be inside the freezer section if people want to froze it.

                              • I bought it to make a kings cake, delicious try to look for it in the same place! I hope to have a Good hunting.

                              • Excellent! My wife stopped making homemade one year when she wasn't healthy. She used Rhodes yeast roll dough and have for the past 15 years. She placed butter and lightly salt the tops, after baking the bread rolls. Everyone raves about them.

                                • Ava Anderson

                                  I use their homemade bread also....frozen.....thaw it until it is about 2 inches above the pan, bake til golden brown, brush with delicious!

                                • It's so easy and tastes so good still warm from the oven.
                                  Thaw them and cut into 4ths.
                                  Then drop them into boiling water for a min.
                                  Put them on a baking tray and bake till brown.
                                  Shake in salt or cinnamon sugar.
                                  Taste like pretzel bites. Yum

                                • I use the (hy vee frozen rolls) Hyvee frozen rolls all the time. You can also thaw out and stretch dough out and fry in oil for fried bread... delish!! I make pretzels with them too.

                                  • Julia Garner

                                    I love them, but have a recipe for when I feel like making them.

                                    • Jade Tailor

                                      I have several recipes for scratch rolls, but I haven't had any yeast rolls that taste better than the Rhodes, and I've never really been interested in learning to bake much. I love to cook! Baking, not so much.

                                      • Susan Collins

                                        I also have used Rhodes frozen rolls for years. My family loves them because they are so good, that’s what we have.

                                        • Axolotl Baby

                                          Very smart to use those rolls.
                                          I make these same rolls. I have never doubled them up though. I will try that on Thanksgiving Day. I just love these.

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