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    • Lisa Woolard
      That moment when you open your mouth and speak your mind and almost everybody's feelings are now hurt and they despise you. People only love their own wishes and interests, not others spoken words.
      • Lisa Woolard
        If there is one thing I have learned, it is too never get caught up in anybody's misleading ways, even when it comes to family because they will be the ones to spread fake all over the place. I will sit back and watch and see how this plays out.
        • Lisa Woolard
          I'm feeling so sad and worried about my kitty Sam having heartworms..he's the light of my life. I'm going to try and get him into a vet next week, though they say it's not curable in cats unless there's surgery involved to remove them. I just hope that isn't the case and that I'm worried for no reason.
          • Lisa Woolard
            A good memory from my childhood was when my Mom decided egg rolls from the Chinese restaurant were e😜ensive so she found a recipe for them so, the 1st year, it took 2 days to make 50 of them and man, they were good. They were deep fried and the frozen and on Saturday nights, it was out treat. Over the years, she developed her method and, the last time we made them, we had 5 families involved and in 3 days, we produced 5000 of them, feeding 5 families every Saturday nights for a year. The process takes a year of logistics. Mom didn't use pork, she used turkey, cheaper. So family #1, Mom would get 5 turkeys on sale after Thanksgiving or New year's Day, another family would get the cabbage necessary, going to farmers to get the better price, yet, another family would get the onions, and another the spices needed. Another the shells. Fortunately, the Chinese restaurant in town sold us the shells. (Hint: my dad was their letter carrier).
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