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What has to be in your fridge at all times?

What has to be in your fridge at all times?
Your opinions must be based on your experience and life style at your home.
Inside my home refrigerator and freezer, I have eggs, Ice, chicken meat, could water, tomatoes, lettuce, bananas, apples, butter, chocolate cookies and bread for sandwiches.
Eggs And Butter Chocolate Cookies

Answers (26)

    • Ashley Stires

      Filtered water, salad mix, lots of condiments, some kind of cheese and everything else rotates.

      • Vanessa Essa

        Eggs, butter, milk, cheese.
        With some bread and cereal, I can live off these things when times are tough.

      • Coffeemate Italian sweet cream creamer. I cried this morning when I realized I had no creamer and thus no coffee this morning, which now has translated itself into a lack of caffeine headache.
        My husband laughs at me and I agree it is laughable but it’s true.

        • Jessica Dave

          Eat chocolate!! and always keep Butter, almond milk, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, onions ( but the veggies rarely go into the fridge).

        • Eggs, butter and cheese but I like to have milk cream and a few fresh vegetables and fruit ideally.

          • Mary Binkley

            Water! I keep a Brita water pitcher in my fridge. I hate when someone in my house uses the last of it and doesn’t refill it.
            Brita Water Pitcher If You Are Thirsty
            On of the best products on the U.S. market. Enjoy it!

            • Betty White

              I keep 3 Zero Water pitchers in my fridge at all times. Soy sauce jug, Gochujang, butter, carrots, an assortment of veggies, I keep 3 Zero Water pitchers in my fridge at all times and with those plus rice or Ramen you have 10/10 meals for a while.

              • Lauren Dotson

                Fruit and sparkling water
                Eggs, butter, cheese, low-fat milk, deli turkey, grapes, blueberries, applesauce, mayo, and jam or preserves of some kind.
                Not all for me, but someone in the household.

                • Lauren Archer

                  Pickles of several kinds and One of those baking soda odor things. The rest is flexible.

                  • Ayla Reynolds

                    Avocados, fruit of some sort and almond milk.
                    Cow milk because no matter what I need always a gallon of milk I can literally Live off of milk and cereal nearly forever. I sometimes don't eat a real dinner because I want cereal so refrigerator milk and pantry box of cereal

                  • Milk and cream! I love cream in my coffee and we eat cereal with milk on it everyday!

                  • I think you should consider having these list: Avocado, Bacon and Eggs, cheese, coconut milk, produce, fruit, Rye bread, water,

                    • Ava Anderson

                      Eggs and cheese. I also store my coffee there. That's a must.
                      Also don't forget cold cuts and other preserved meats are high in carcinogens... They may taste good and last a long time but they’ll cost you in the long run in hospital bills and pain and suffering.

                    • Cheese. At least 4 different kinds, some fresh vegetables, fruit apples, bananas, pineapples, grapes.. I mean lots of different fruits and veggies oh and canned Whipped cream. Ha.

                      • Julia Garner

                        I have two littles so staples kind of rotate around their needs!
                        Whole milk, Eggs, Water, Produce.

                        • Mary Power

                          Butter, fruit and cheese. Or I go buy snacks, so some kind of fruits has to be there.

                        • I think that Food to eat is a great thing to have available, then .. butter sugar and salt make EVERYTHING taste better, but then, everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening!
                          Then, additional to those, I have this list of items all the times in the refrigerator: A container with butter, a few blocks of white and yellow italian cheese, salad greens eggs, cream, peppers, yogurt, cooked rice, cucumbers, meat of some kind.

                          • Jade Tailor

                            Best cheese for sandwiches.
                            At least a couple of kinds, some kind of pudding.
                             Right now it's coconut.
                             My dog is crazy for it! Spring Water, eggs, butter and heavy whipping cream for my coffee.

                          • Fruit and vegetables, Eggs, Almond milk, shredded cheese, ketchup, Miracle Whip, cottage cheese, butter, onion, dill pickle spears.

                          • Eggs, butter, and some kind of milk in the fridge. Cheese, bread and some kind of meat in the freezer.

                            • Rita West

                              Oat Milk, Mayo, turkey, eggs. Also Costco has the best oat milk. 6 quarts and tastes delicious. It’s the creamiest FYI, if anyone cares.

                              • Susan Collins

                                Milk, butter, cheese, onions and carrots. I don't keep my eggs in the fridge x

                                • Axolotl Baby

                                  Unsweetened vanilla almond milk ( the fridge life is months long, plus I don't drink regular milk ), eggs, bacon and Sara Lee's 45 calorie bread.

                                • Eggs, some sort of meat to have with the eggs ( sausage / bacon / ham ), butter & half&half or whole milk for my coffee.

                                  • Anna Magnotta

                                    Water, Pepsi Zero, slices of pepperoni, mango-habanero flavored bacon from Hitchcock's, carrots, cabbage and garlic.

                                  • 30 eggs carton, cheese, half & half for my coffee, milk for lattes and so the old cat can have a tablespoon,..Fresh food for Sadie, chicken-sweet potatoes-peas and fresh broth to moisten it.
                                     All from the crock pot too.

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