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Chanthinia White


I want to be a space traveler and see the world from the outside, but that's a dream for now and the best I can do is to be a follower of the Intergalactic Hollywood movies.
I have a huge collection of space related books a my home library and still want more.
I love my cat, my yellow bird and my family, they are al important to me.I describe myself a sharing individual that loves to give gifts ll the times when people earn those gifts and they are celebrating their birthdays or the year ends.


Volleyball, Soccer, Running, Professional Bowling,

Insurance CompanyMcKinneyOlson Insurance, Address: 7001 S Lyncrest Pl STE 102, Sioux Falls, SD 57108, Call Phone: (605) 335-7777
Country / CitySioux Falls, South Dakota / United States
Date Today
Preferred Color #761E1E
ProfessionUnderwriter, Insurance Laboratory Underwriting services
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    • Chanthinia White
      I purposely ignore peoples hints when they try to indirectly get me to do something. Put on your big adult pants and communicate. That’s how we get results and what you want. Reading between lines leaves way too much opportunity for misinterpretation so be direct, loud, and clear.
      • Chanthinia White
        I don’t believe that just because you make more money you need to buy more things. Less but higher quality things are okay though.
        • Chanthinia White
          Attachment is the root of all suffering. This is why I like to take trips by myself nowadays lol Well that, and because I feel at this point you just have to pick the man you want to get cheated on by for the rest of your life with so might as well get away by yourself as often as possible. 😜
          • Chanthinia White
            Not always applicable, but when over e😜laining is a trauma response it's worth keeping this in mind. I think sometimes it's ok to leave things misunderstood, if someone repeatedly dismisses me or gets cross with me instead of just asking for clarification. I'm starting to find it easier to know when someone is safe and genuine, and when I'm wasting my time and energy. Image description: a sheet of note paper with hand written on it "From now on I'm going to start telling people "you're committed to misunderstanding me, and I don't care to e😜lain myself to you", instead. of over e😜laining myself.
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