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What You Do If Something Alike Happens to You?

What You Do If Something Alike Happens to You?

Hello Book People. I would like to share my experiences. Just recently my marriage got broken and reached the divorce, and month ago and received $65,000 of debt as my responsibility to pay, additional the amount for lawyer fees of $9000. Sadly, I'm $65,000 in debt and looking to get to work hard and smart in a serious way about paying the whole amount off, my goal will be about of 4 years. I don't make a lot as a school teacher, about $55,000 a year, One kid is in high-school, 3 kids are in college and living with me at my location home, 3 dogs living with with us, we rent the house, in a rental home while both of us are trying to sell our family home and split the proceeds as the law dictates. For a living, I've started filling up surveys, helping pet owners with dog sitting, saving money when shopping with couponing, and debt snowballing, and have paid off $7000 in two months so far. Tell me, What is your favorite, maybe unconventional way to save money and/or pay off debt to be debt free with credit cards and bank loans?

Answers (12)

  • You're doing great by paying your debt, that will set you free some day soon.

    • Courtney Kube

      My opinion is that if you negotiate the payoff for interest rates reduction dramatically, then I will pay the credit cards and car loans back right away, of course i I did have the money extra. But, if you did not negotiated to get a reduction, then make small payments because that's what loans were meant to be.

    • You could take that all money and invest it smart, from the profits pay the bills slowly while working with the money. Well, maybe you feel better with stress now.

      • Susie Vincent

        I'm very organized and maybe I have a lot of luck that never had to worry about someone doing something like it was done to you. So sorry to hear your story and great thought about paying your bills.

        • Hank Williams

          I'm not stupid for something like that to happen to me, ever but, if it did happens, I will pay my bills quiet.

        • Those that having money available and never paying their debts bills aren't good citizens and they never do good with their bad credit records.

          • Sarah Harris

            Always  pay what you owe, it is important to be clean as far of debts.

            • Amber Ligon

              I pay when I have enough, because buying food id first, then rental, then electrical and water and then if there is any money left I pay those other bills.

              • Anya Taylor

                Having a clean credit records is a huge advantage, it is considered Gold in the US, because you can buy a home, a car, a boat, and have money to travel when you want to relax on vacations.

                • Sammie Jones

                  You said having a debt of $65,000 and looking to get to work hard. Well, get what? You still will have to work hard because the economy in the US is kind of in inflation right now and everything es more expensive. Besides, that's the price people pay when they make bad decisions on their lives like having a bad love partner.

                  • Melissa Plumey

                    If someone is enough smart to screw me up with the money, then they better  run because I will hold them accountable for my finances, they will pay double the amount they stoles from me.

                  • What happened to you rarely will happen to someone else. However, if you look harder into the past, then you will find   all the proof that the past was here one day into the past. I'm not that stupid to believe someone else should control my finances, someone I don't trust must stay away.

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