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Now on I will be in charge of all said messages (inspiring quotes done by someone who knew what and how to say those top inspirational quotes) and also the best quotes to make the point of something we want to say and what everyone  want to read and learn.
It's said and done  period.
I have a small space in this website for you to come over and read these cute messages, they were made from famous people and sometimes you can read their names on the image quotes.
I give a lot of respect to those image owners and sincerely witch to hear from them, if they want me to put down their images or if they are happy enough to share them and bringing even more quote stories to be published online.

Comforting Quotes I'm Here For You
When someone needs comforting quotes messages, words that cross boundaries to the human mind and they bring peace of mind, security and confort to know that they aren't alone in this world's difficult times. Sentences written specifically to increase truth to that person they care the most.


My sports are just two: Running to keep my health t 100% good and action sports like climbing high mountains and rocks. American Football is the top sport ever for me.


I will say a few, but i love to watch all of them over and over.
Sea Fever, Selah and the Spades, Bad Education, Bull, I’m No Longer Here, Lucky Grandma, Sometimes Always, First Cow, The Painter and the Thief, The Trip to Greece.

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I'm a writer and graphics designer and I spend all my days creating love quotes for him and for her, mother's day quotes, father's day quotes, positive comforting quotes, famous quotes for students, a big list of signal phrases for quote,  Inspirational, magnetic and strange quotes, success quote and much more. but probable my best hobbies are painting with colors and singing, even if i'm not a singer.

ProfessionGraphics designer, Book Writer
Graphics designer, Book Writer, Mother's day quotes, Love Quotes, Inspirational,  Magnetic, Strange Quotes, Lucky Grandma,  Sometimes Always, First Cow

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  • Being Rich Matters

    Being Rich Matters

    Being Rich, Matters, Liars Quotes, Social Media, The Hypocrites, Egoist, Greedy
    If Being Rich Matters a lot to the world as today, why people are so hypocrites and don't accepted that they are egoist and greedy enough for never sharing with the needy. The hypocrites and liars quotes are all over the social media,...
  • A Good Quote About The Strength In A Girl  Means She Is Emotional And Sensitive

    A Good Quote About The Strength In A Girl Means She Is Emotional And Sensitive

    Characterize, Withstanding, A Woman, Emotions, Crying, Female human, Strength
    In this quote the author centers the message on a strength in a woman. The feelings can be shown in a form of sensitiveness, emotions like crying and smiling with feelings things that characterize  you as a woman with strength and...

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      A lot of people say modern technology is a bad thing. I say it's all about how you use it. Years ago we didn't have cameras in our pockets That we could carry around everywhere. Therefore you only took photos at the most special moments. Now you can take photographs anytime you want and you can make memories anytime you want. I make memories every single day. Pretty much my whole adult life It's going to be documented, that way I will have thousands of memories, because every moment in my life is precious to me.
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        One of the hardest things in the world is letting people go. But as Madea says, when it comes down to "you or me", you will make a decision. And most of us have been through too much in our lives for that kind of stuff. Knowing the difference between a leaf, a branch, and a root on the tree of your life will make all the difference in the world. And there comes a time when you have to "let folks go".
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          "I love children, the only problem with children: they grow up to be people, and I just like animals better than people. It's that simple" - #BettyWhite
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            Love and hope are the stronger forces on the earth planet, I feel that life will not have any sense without one of those and when a person achieve the goal of learning to love their surroundings, the neighbors and themselves , then their lives will run on the right path and leaving the doors open to a good hope for their future, their happiness. My very sincere wish is that everybody find themselves face to face with love and peace, then they have some hope.
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