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Mary E. Mitford


Hello, I'm a professional, a person who writes for newspapers, interesting magazines, who is very happy with two kids and Married with Dr George Mitford, my soul husband.
Like any other couples in United States we like to go camping and fishing as a relaxation of the stress from our jobs.
I never travel out of my country, but i have gone to several states in the US. Some times, I use those trips for inspiration and writing better lines on the magazines I work for. 

I also hope soon I will start writing my first book and it is going to be about happiness and success, I think that can help others to achieve their goals in their lives too.


Racing NASCAR car competitions, Tennis, Golf, Wrestling (some of these sports I just like them)


The Proposal, Forrest Gump, Stephen King's Doctor Sleep (American supernatural horror film written and directed by Mike Flanagan) and the The Shining , Know Before You Go.

There many more movies to type in this profile, but not now.

Insurance CompanyAmerican National Insurance Company ,American Strategic Insurance (ASI)
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Between my hobbies I can add the next lines:

Cooking & Drink Hobbies. We love food and juices.
Interesting & Unusual Hobbies. Other things that come around sometimes.
Competitive & Sports Hobbies, the challenge of winning and losing.
Collecting antiques items, the Creative Hobbies
Animal watching birds and wild life outdoors, Indoor Hobbies like card games and video games watching and playing them with my family.

ProfessionPublisher in Journalism.

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