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Depression Era Recipes

This is from my collection of Depression era recipes , it was taught to me by my aunt who was in her 80s when I was a young girl.
This recipe generally fed about 15 to 20 people during a Time when meat was scarce and the only thing you might have is green beans and onion.
Enough green beans to fill a 5 gallon pot.
1 large onion
1lb of hamburger
Fill a 5gal pot with cleaned green beans about 6" from the top and fill with water till it's 2" above green beans
Cut fine 1 large onion
Cook and crumble 1lb of hamburger. Season to taste.
Add your cooked hamburger and onion to the pot.
Let simmer and stir occasionally so meat flavor and onion permeate the green beans, 45 min to an 1hr over low or medium heat.
This could be eaten as a stew or ladled out and just served on a plate without the juice.
It could also be served with cornbread or from my aunties view tortillas and salsa.
If the meal wasn't completely eaten that day, they would just add more green beans and onion and more potatoes.
I hope you like this recipe as much as I have. Cheers and enjoy!

    • Nichol Kessinger ( Nicole Sophia Miller )

      That sounds good I used to use bacon or ham with potatoes so simple and good thanks for sharing!

      • Tara Dahoe

        I make something similar that my Oma made… Only she used pork instead of hamburger. I’ll make it with a ham bone or ham hocks or even just cubed ham and I add potatoes and onions to the green beans. It’s the best tasting broth of any soup that I make by far I can just leave the veggies and meat in the pot and just drink that broth it’s so good. And minus the broth, it makes a great side dish just the green beans ham onions and sliced potatoes! Mmmm

        • Kane Brown

          This is what I like about BookOflikes, the recipes sharing is always free. The Depression era recipes is one of the most important recipes of the United States because it could happen again and we must keep this knowledge to survive hard times in the future.

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