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Do You Think I'm Crazy

    Vanessa Essa
    My Hubby, I’m Crazy, Syrup, Flavor Chocolate, Wate, Drop, Products, Drinks

    Do You Think I'm Crazy

    My hubby thinks I’m crazy but this chocolate flavor syrup ain’t cheap and I don’t want to waste a drop of it. The flavor chocolate syrup is a delicious product people use it for many other products and drinks.
    Hershey Syrup Saving The Last Drop
    Use tape to wrap it around.

    Answers (23)

    • Great idea. I put a little warm water into all kinds of food containers,then use whilst cooking. So much must get wasted otherwise.

    • For chemicals I do that with soap and shampoo and I pour milk into the bottle when it’s low. Shake and serve to friends and family!!

      • Ava Anderson

        I cut all tube and scrap out especially toothpaste and lotions so much waste.

      • I don't know if you have tried the syrup from Aldi, but I was a skeptic because I love Hershey, but I bought it one time and I loved it! I was so surprised. I have switched to Aldi brand now.

      • All I think is the duct tape is expensive. Put some milk in that deliciousness and shake it up. It'll all come out. LoL.

        • Julia Garner

          I must agree, when it gets to the end we just pour a little milk in the bottle, shake it up really well and have a glass of choc milk!

          • Jade Tailor

            This what I will do.
            My mom taught me to just put a little bit of milk in it and shake it up and then pour that into your glass of milk for chocolate milk.

            • Betty White

               Me too. Every bit!
              I do that with everything from Olive oil to shampoo!

            • That’s what I usually do!
              But, better yet pour the milk in, shake it and drink it right out of the bottle.
              Like a diy sippy cup!

            • I do that with everything. Shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, lotion, laundry liquid detergent, lotion for me every time, etc etc etc.

              • Mary Power

                I just did this with my laundry detergent LOL Plus i rinse it with water and use that in a load too! I’m with you!

              • I do it with my shampoo & conditioner.
                I warm it a few seconds, in microwave, to thin it and let every drop come out.

                • Rita West

                  I pour milk in and shake it up ..super condensed chocolate milk just add to a glass of milk to dilute.

                  • Susan Collins

                    When I get to the end of a bottle, I put a bit of milk 4 oz or so, and shake it up to get the remaining syrup. Then pour in a glass, add more milk or chocolate depending on what it needs, and drink up! Yummy.

                    • Axolotl Baby

                      Glad to see in the comments that Im not the only one! Lol
                      Diy recipe and save tons! However it doesn’t have preservatives so it doesn’t last forever in frig.

                    • I do that all the time. I save every bit of my products. My Mother got me this and I use it frequently. The funnel goes into the bottom container and then the clasp goes around it and the top container is grasped by the top clamp. I use up to gallon size bottles with no problems balancing. It's a great little tool! Called a Smart Funnel.
                      Smart Funnel
                      The Smart Funnel Into Container
                      That's how people use this thing to save lots of money. For example, use it with other products like laundry sops, chemicals all (safe ones only), and others.

                    • Throwing away good food is an act of being crazy. Saving it to the last drop, it is not crazy.

                    • I do the same, I also cut them open and spoon the rest out, it is amazing how much is left in there.
                      Do it with the shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, different sauces, lotions etc.

                    • Same, I do that with pretty much any condiments, BBQ sauce, ketchup, syrup..... I do that with everything, Soap refill, etc.

                      • Anna Magnotta

                        Kinda wasteful with the duct tape. A true cheapie like me would have balanced it against a wall!

                      • I feel like that about soap, shampoo, and sometimes ketchup.

                      • Yes ma'am, i have all of do too. Some can call me cheap, so i guess I am, why toss it. I purchased good spatulas to scrap every bit of Lotion (etc ) out. I also do lotions, shampoo, and especially toothpaste!.

                        • Yolanda Ulin

                          Cut the container.
                          It’s just plastic! It’s amazing how much is still in there.
                          Take a knife, slit a hole in it then using scissors, cut around the bottle.
                          Then use a butter knife, scrape the sides and put it in the new container or a bowl.

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