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Kamilah Berry


I can't tell  how my partner does things anymore and neither what he does with his private life, but all I know is that the minute I find out he is cheating with another woman and he will be gone for good.
I spend most of my time figuring out how to keep myself come with these all bills to pay every month, and I think hat in this country people never have a break.

Insurance CompanyGaico var insurance full coverage and thief protection.
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    • Kamilah Berry
      Kamilah Berry commented on I deleted my last post...
      Girl SAME...I mean I'm one now as you know, but if I'd known I'd feel like this, EVER, I'd never have been so adamantly child free for so long. You have every right to change your mind! Some ppl don't want kids some ppl do. It's completely ok either...Read more
      • Kamilah Berry
        Kamilah Berry posted to Statuses & Comments

        Overjoyed that I could spend the day with my person today! We went and picked Dutch up some toys and treats at Petco and then got coffees. I had a Drs. appointment today also. They want me to get an MRI done to see if my ankle tendon is torn or not.... more

        • Kamilah Berry
          Kamilah Berry commented on Do you ever get in a "I...
          Yuuuuup !! Life at times can suck you into a stress pit that you do not even bother fighting to get out of that pit so you just lay there recovering outside of the body lol
          • Kamilah Berry
            Kamilah Berry posted to Statuses & Comments

            Last Spring I had an angel encounter just after miscarrying by baby boy (I was close to 5 months along). I happened while I was while I was sitting in the booth while my husband ate. I was devastated as I had just come from the hospital. A young... more

              • Dawn McKinley

                There are angels among us....I consider you one because of how kind you were to me in such a chaotic time in my life. Smooches! ~ Happy new year! Kami!

              • Kamilah Berry
                Kamilah Berry posted to Statuses & Comments

                Ahh sewed a doll for my beautiful niece today for the first time and I just ate some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie pudding that I made myself too. Now patiently waiting for President Biden's speech and planning on ordering a pizza then... more

                • Kamilah Berry
                  My brother is a school bus driver and you wouldn't believe the kids names he tells about nowadays, they are insane!
                  • Kamilah Berry
                    Kamilah Berry posted to Statuses & Comments

                    I wanted to pass along something that could possibly help others who are struggling financially, people who are going through a hard time, or even those who want to take a break from cooking for a few days a month. There is an organization called... more

                    • Kamilah Berry
                      Kamilah Berry commented on I want my Manhattan and...
                      I'm originally from Massachusetts so we would do youth church trips to the Cathedral of St John the Divine and the V & T Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria across the street is absolutely amazing.
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