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Do You Want To Save A Lot Of Money Over The Years With Fresh Lemon?

Do You Want To Save A Lot Of Money Over The Years With Fresh Lemon?
This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s saved me a lot of money over the years. If you like fresh lemon in your tea or water, but have a hard time keeping them on hand without spoiling, just freeze them in slices. They will add flavor and cool down tea a tiny bit if it’s too hot to drink right away.
Freeze Fresh Lemons And A Lot Of Money
(put those lemon fruit  slices inside a zip lock plastic bags and then inside the freezer to get frozen until you need to use them for drinks and food recipes preparing)
They also make good ice for water. I also freeze fresh limes in halves for when I need fresh lime juice in a recipe but don’t have any on hand and don’t want to go to the store! I just let it thaw on the counter or run it under hot water to speed it up.
Fresh Lime Slices And Lemon Slice
(Try to extract the air before freezing the limes so they don't burn).
Fresh lemons and limes are always superior in terms of taste and vitamins and this is how I always have them on hand!

Answers (31)

    • Tabitha Scott

      Oh, what a great idea. I love lemon in my water, but I rarely buy them as they spoil before I get a chance to use them.

    • This is great! I just noticed I had lemons already ABD bought more, and I'm going to try and cut out creamer for the new year (I can't do most dairy Because my sinuses get inflamed abd the non dairy ones are pricey! ) I can do this to cool down my tea that's always too hot in the travel mug on the way to work!

      • Vikki Frank

        My mom taught me this! During winter we love to put frozen lemon slices in hot water.
        and now that I see you doing this, I will start in whole form for when I need zest. I'll start slicing half. Great idea.

        • Kristy Hille

          Great idea for me. I’m taking iron because I’m anemic and was told to use a little citrus or acid in the water to take with the pill.

          • Darcy Carden

            Get your blood checked regularly if taking iron pills, you can get iron overload with iron pills and that's not a good thing... Just a heads up..

          • Pharmaceutics make iron tablets with citrus Vitron-C Ascorbic acid ( vitamin C ), maybe you should finish those Rx and then look for them!

            • Janet Brown

              Why have I never thought of this!??!?? I love fresh lemon in my tea but never keep them on hand because they always go bad before I can use them!

            • Thank you! I often find half a lemon or lime showed in a container in the back of the fridge that need to go to the compost!

            • I juice them and freeze in ice cube trays, then keep them in the freezer in a silicone storage container. It works OK for me.

              • Kathy Cowser

                Yes I do this now after hearing about it on another site I think it was. Great for when you want a G and T too. Good idea to freeze in half for juice in a recipe.

                • Nick Williams

                  I saw this before and I have to say now use this idea all the time it's brilliant ! Before this they would end up rotting in the fruit bowl. Perfect for the odd g and t and you don't need ice. Limes perfect for a larger!

                • Great idea!!! I just threw away a bag of lemons that I could not use fast enough.
                   I’m going to try this, sounds perfect!

                  • Nicole Healey

                    I do the same but i put them all in one layer ( gallon zip lock ) and stack them on top  of each other in the freezer so they stack nicely.

                    • Doni Fishback

                      Wow! I didn’t know this! And I am often needing lemons or limes. Thank you

                      • Maureen Black

                        Lemons, ashhh, never run out of lemons. I have cleaned my cook top stove with lemons, the sink, gross stiff that grows in toilet bowl under the rim
                        No lemon goes wasted in my lil world, I use them all.
                        However, good tip thanks

                        • Find Jobs

                          Thanks for the tip. Aldi has a great deal on lemons and limes but I can never use them all before some go bad.

                          • Roy Salas

                            What a great idea!!
                            We are over loaded with lemons. I froze fresh squeezed juice 5 5 gallon buckets full last year. A lemon in my water, personally I think so this is perfect. For any date of the year.

                            • Eddie Brown

                              What a great idea!
                              Buy why do you soak them in water and vinegar first? Or just put the full bags inside the freezer right away after cuts.

                              • Sowmya M

                                That’s brilliant! Especially if you can buy them in season cause they get spendy out of season. I love lemon in hot water during the winter.

                              • Great idea. Always throwing lemon slices away.
                                I have lemons, limes, and tangelos. 
                                I am going to try this! Thank you

                              • Well I feel silly!! Was looking for lemon in my tea last night and I forgot I had tossed it due to spoilage!! But I agree with the vitamins C from lemons and limes.

                                • Eva Kindness

                                  I squeeze lemons and put the juice in ice trays for my water.
                                  I also juice limes, oranges, grapefruit, and lemons and make ice cubes for drinks. I sometimes add berries too. This is great is no time to juice

                                  • Justice Dalton

                                    My favorite bar adds gin to within 1/2 to 1 " the top of the glass then a squirter of tonic water and a slice of lime. That's fine e with me.

                                    • Lindsay Allen

                                      What an awesome idea. 
                                       I don't know why I didn't think of this long ago! So many wasted lemons and limes.
                                        Thanks for the tip. 
                                       I'll definitely be using this one.
                                       Thank you so much for sharing this

                                      • Georgia Tech

                                        I have never thought to do this and i use lime and lemons literally every day.
                                        Good idea! My uncle has a lemon tree & he gives them away because there’s too many.

                                        • Mariah Rose

                                          Great idea. Bags are a better deal than a single lemon but I’ve avoided buying do to spoilage.
                                          Thank You for the sharing.

                                        • Thank you! I’m always throwing away limes because they go bad. I will freeze my extras now. It might save me lots of money in a long run.

                                        • I do this too, it's such an easy way to keep it on hand without spoiling!
                                          My freezer is my greatest ally in my never-ending quest to be frugal.

                                        • I have never thought about doing this, thanks for the tip. I love lemon in my water.
                                          I will do this as I like a lime or lemon in my Gin and Tonic.

                                          • Jake Frost

                                            I love this idea!
                                            I will puncture and stuff halved frozen lemons in chicken cavities when I roast them with garlic and fresh herbs, this will make my girlfriend and friends very happy.

                                            • Gino

                                              Where I come from, the lemons grow like rice. I love everything sour with lemons, like lemon cakes, lemon juice, lemon with salt and much more.

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