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My job is always posting new jobs for people who are unemployed in the look for applying to an unemployment office, then with these job posts available these people can find an offer from a potential employer and then they can apply to the position and find a job and start working at their new position when they are approved.

There are many positions available from different corporations, small and medium business practically all across the United States.
Anyone can post their new offers on the classifieds and allow the readers to read the complete information with telephone numbers and addresses, however, some companies just don't want to allow the full information to be on display and they prefer to leave a digital address for those readers looking for jobs online.
Positions as they could be:
jobs like: A Publicist, Medical Technician, Social Media Intern, Accounts Payable Clerk, Banking Jobs, Credit risk consultant, Data Entry Clerk, Crowd Fund Marketer, Insurance Car Brokers, Car dealer sales, Painter, Writer, Construction Workers, Taxi drivers, Truck driver, School teacher, Doctor, Nurse position, restaurant Waitress, Restaurant Waiter, Business Administrator and many other.


Soccer leagues in Europe " Champion leagues", The NBA in USA American Football, Running and swimming.


 First Cow, The Painter and the Thief, The Trip to Greece, The Vast of Night and many others, it will take the whole website to post their names.

Insurance CompanyProtective Life, Prudential Financial, Pure Insurance Companies
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Creative Arts & Crafts, Airbrushing, Blacksmithing, Book Restoration, Book-binding, Building Dollhouses, Calligraphy, Candle-making

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