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Anything That Will Help Lower Blood Pressure With Natural Remedies?

Anything That Will Help Lower blood Pressure With Natural Remedies?
Listen people, I have an important question for you, just make sure to answer with the best and truth because your answer will help many people looking for real answers for their health condition.
The natural home remedies to deal w certain health issues is considered the best. Why would I go see a PCP for natural cures when they don’t practice holistic?. I want natural remedies to help with the issue . You are welcome to post on my post. I hope your information is granted for everyone as reading it's content related to natural medications or remedies.
Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Reading
No matter what age the correct blood pressure reading is less than 120/80 mmHg.

Answers (36)

  • I think that visiting the near me medical clinic or the hospital and talk with the personal health physician is the first thing to do. Also, when there, I'm sure the doctor will prescribe your needed medicine for your blood pressure, whatever it is, if it is high blood pressure or if it is low blood pressure, different medicines to control it.
    Sadly, I learned the hard way because my ant died of the kidney disease caused by the high blood pressure and diabetes and she was an alcoholic for life.
    She knew her condition and even so, she never quit it. Blood pressure also affects eye vision, heart and brain blood pressure too.
    Please, don't waste your time asking for natural cure of your blood pressure and put it under control as soon as possible, live longer and healthy.

    • William Smith

      I asked this question to my doctor, but you can ask yours because every medical health professional have their own opinions.
      Anyways, these were mine answers received from my Doctor.:
      Make sure to exercise a minimum of three days of the week, and doing it the right way, exercising correctly  is the most effective way to lower your blood pressure.
      If possible consuming zero 0 salt, use the alternative like dour lemon or acid orange on the food or consume a low-sodium diet. Too much sodium (or salt) causes blood pressure to rise sky high.
      Important, do not drink drinks containing or limiting alcohol intake to no more than 1 to drinks per day.
      Stay away from arguments with other people, relax by listening to classic music songs, and making yourself sure that you are living on a stress reduction a priority life.

    • I am more afraid about my low blood pressure if I don’t have my cup of coffee I can’t live my day because of the low blood pressure.
      I tried valerian root at night for insomnia it effects my blood pressure even worse I am on my 3rd semester
      I got insomnia from my second semester but on the first days of the 3rd I got this low blood pressure.

    • Find out if you have any deficiencies by getting a blood test. It can wreak havoc on your health and can’t be fixed until you know it’s an issue. My blood pressure dropped once I corrected mine. (Low iron, b 12, vitamin D etc).

    • I think that maybe avoiding the news, politics, and social media and inhale through the nose, taking deep breath it lowers blood pressure.

      • Harmony Woods

        Exercise really helped my Mom.
        Chai tea, drink it hot, iced, blended.. however you want! You can buy liquid Oregon Chai at Walmart or Meijer.
        Mix half Chai with half milk or dairy alternative.
        Anything with cinnamon does wonders for heart health / hypertension.

        • Coraline Key

          Tea could be a great way. A study showed 3 cups a day lowered blood pressure, Good luck.
          And just like I do. I just eat parsley, Drink Ginger Root Water & Apple cider vinegar daily.

        • I bought some hibiscus tea & it definitely has a calming effect as I have an allergic reaction to all blood pressure medicine.

        • Blockbuster BP lowering supplement is Hawthorn Berry! Thank me Later!!!
          This is how do you take the capsules.
          With tea, apple cider vinegar twice a day.

          • Ryan Torres

            Garlic, cayenne pepper, some people claim it does the job of lowering the blood pressure.
            Did u get a vaccine? People are getting high BP from it.

            • Josh Simon

              Boil parsley and drink the water.
              Better than any blood pressure medicine.

              • Melissa Lane

                Juice and drink one medium Beet and half a red apple...twice a day without fail... in less than a week you'll see results as the fatty deposits within your liver cleanse themselves out...your pressure will drop... good luck.

                • Ruby Franklin

                  I take those maybe I’ll do two a day. By the way, I already tasted the Hibiscus tea.
                  I recommend for you all to go to you tube videos and watch the game changer documental or you also can watch it on Netflix.

                  • Kate Berman

                    Cinnamon, Lemon water daily, you could add fresh ginger, or cucumber, or all three. Green tea, and/or white tea. A basic live food diet should help.

                    • Heidi Morgan

                      Pistachios ( unsalted if you can find them ), pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and dark chocolate or maybe the Garlic beats apple cider vinegar with the mother in it and meditation.

                    • Eat raw garlic in the morning with a glass of water, on an empty stomach for a week. It will come down.

                    • Raw garlic on an empty stomach is painful. Even though I prefer having a vegetarian life style by eating veggies and lots of fruits and No caffeine, drinking lots of water and an aceptable amount of body exercise.

                    • Lose weight cardio low carbs. No salt. All water no artificial sugar drinks. There's no cheats. You have to be healthier that's all. And make sure to see your doctor first before trying something else. Also walk a lot as the exercise, drink coconut water, juice celery, beets, & cukes.

                      • Alice Rookers

                        Cut down on your salt intake eat more fruit and vegetables and more exercise and do not mess with bp see doctor. Having high or low blood pressure in your body is usually caused by another serious condition, don't wait till it is too late!.

                        • Sheila Hines

                          Magnesium... cinnamon...
                          Gotta love the positive effects of magnesium.
                          Are u overweight? do you exercise? do you eat right for your blood type, low Glycemic foods diet? anti-inflammatory diet??
                          Low Glycemic Foods Diet
                           And some fruits to consider for these kind of diets:
                          The Low Glycemic Fruits Diet
                          Eat mangoes, Blueberries, Nectarines, Strawberries, Apples, Apricots, Oranges, Pears, Grapefruits, and Peaches.
                          T​​​​ake care about what you eat, again, see your doctor soon and put your blood pressure under control to live healthy..

                        • You can drink concentrated tart cherry juice may be worth a try. Try some meditation does help as well.
                          Additional meditation and mindfulness. If you smoke cigarettes OR weed QUIT, this alone will make a dramatic change if not normalize completely. If you are overweight taking off as little as 10-15 lbs makes a HUGE difference. Just move a little...even light exercise will improve your cardiovascular health. Hypertension is PREVENTABLE. If you supplement take CO-Q 10, Magnesium, B-12 Complex and make sure you Vit D levels are normal, most people are deficient.

                          • Darcy Martin

                            Chaga tea anti inflammatory anti oxidants chalk full of vitamins and minerals.
                            For those who recommended the garlic hibiscus tea and seamoss omg thank you.

                            • Deena Johnson

                              Try olive oil, garlic, lemon, oranges, coconut water, guava, banana olive oil double than medicine.
                              Do a 30 Juicing Reboot. I’m starting mine Sunday.

                              • Heather Bundy

                                Blend ginger and cucumber drink it as water and cut processed meat and salt out. Eat first fruit and watch carbohydrates and no pops including diet drinks. Your doctor will help with proper diet. Grapefruit and Statin medicine don’t go together.

                              • Grapefruit that's why if you take prescribe meds you cant take it at the same time.
                                Drink beet juice/ Concentrated beet root powder. Matcha Powder.

                                • Tracy Corson

                                  Pomegranate removes toxins out of the bloodstream or just boil garlic drink the water eat the cook garlic best remedy.

                                  • Julie Elias

                                    Fast for at least 10 days and I bet it goes down or take Cody Cottrell and if it goes up the eleventh day.

                                  • I stopped caffeine and my blood pressure dropped drastically. I also heard some other people saying that taking Carditone....1 capsule twice a day works. Hoping you find an answer... blessings.

                                    • Ava Goldberg

                                      It's a great supplement! My hubby takes them. Just know you can start out taking one twice a day, directions say 1 a day I think.

                                      • Grainger Long

                                        Hope you find a natural solution to your BP.  I think this is a good natural remedy page then.
                                        Try the  celery seed beets Hawthorne extract only ldn olive leaf garlic carditone.

                                        • Ethan Currier

                                          Lime water chlorella, meditation nature walks as an exercise. Give it a try to some Cayenne pepper will help, and eat more banana.

                                          • Kyrie Eleison

                                            Cayenne pepper pills:) or try Seamoss, I heard some good stuff on it, check out U-tube...they explain the benefits. I ordered some through Etsy store online.

                                          • Exercise really helps with Grape fruit. I have already prepared one which is very very good for lowering high BP and also good for someone that is suffering from stroke just for #5000.

                                          • Exercise really helps with Grape fruit. I have already prepared one which is very very good for lowering high BP and also good for someone that is suffering from stroke just for #5000.

                                          • Exercise really helps with Grape fruit. I have already prepared one which is very very good for lowering high BP and also good for someone that is suffering from stroke just for #5000.

                                          • Flaxseed oil capsules and Potassium also helps.

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