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    • Emma Chamberlain

      I may not have many “perks” at work but Brody heard they were making cinnamon rolls for breakfast. He got up early and ready so we could stop by and get one before I took him to school. Thanks so much for making his day Jenny and Chandra!

      • Jennifer Nettles

        My realtor calls me ma'am in every text she sends me but she spells it mam and so I don't like her because I'm that petty.

        • Shawn Johnson

          Always understand the concept of “Take what resonates well—leave what does not”

          • Ronna McDaniel

            I will never regret not caring what other people wanted me to do in my life. I have always know what i wanted to do with my gift of existence and that is all that matters.

            • Teresa Giudice

              The precise moment that you accept that you don't know the answer to everything is the precise moment you begin to LEARN.

              • travis kelce

                Remember that thing “you will own nothing and be happy”
                That’s exactly how I feel. I will be happy when I am not hounded by the gov't. I guess when I’m dead..? Are there any new lands to conquer? I feel like a do over with a republic cos eff this...More

                • Gracie Abrams

                  So much happening so fast. The whole world seems to be swirling around in my head right now. But bits and pieces of "With You" are coming through so fast. I have a story to tell, and it just might be a good one.

                  • Nichol Kessinger ( Nicole Sophia Miller )

                    So, I was fooling around on TikTok and it suddenly crashed. And, now I am seeing that MANY apps are also down for the last half an hour! This includes Etsy , Snapchat , X and etc.!!

                    • Nera Benandanti

                      Not everyone has the same potential because not everyone has the same destiny.

                      • Ronald Robinson

                        Nothing in life is impossible and also, nothing is better to achieve the impossible than by living...SO LIVE IT UP BUTTERCUP! xD

                        • Sofia Richie

                          Take good care of the mind, body, and spirit, and then everything else will fall into place.

                          • Nichol Kessinger ( Nicole Sophia Miller )

                            Usually a full moon gives me great vides and a lot of energy even enought to dance but nope not this time, I’m physically and mentally exhausted! I have slept from late yesterday afternoon until noon today so that is like 14 hours! So what did I do...More

                            • Logan Lerman

                              My dad used to be a maintenance manager at a nursing home. All the residents stayed on the first floor, admin offices were on the second floor, and the 3rd floor was just a small area with the maintenance office and supplies. My dad was saying how...More

                              • Nancy Mace

                                I thought turning 50 was going to be awful but I feel more loved and alive than ever before in my entire life and I thank my beautiful family for that. I got to spend it with my parents, my 4 amazing siblings plus my awesome fiancé and 2 beautiful...More

                                • Sophia Strahan

                                  I had an incredibly vivid dream of being in the year 2100 (I heard a voice say "Twenty-One Hundred"). It was some sort of uprising, like a nuclear catastrophe and it felt so real! Let me tell you, it won't be pretty: Post‐apocalyptic, dystopian...More

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