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Molly Golighty


Hi, Hello world. I'm a certified Realtor selling and buying real estate with cheap and expensive cost.

I would love to name many good things I like in my life but, I realize that many of you might not be interested on reading about my career path.
Instead, let me tell you that I'm a in my own home business and it is about real estate and travel. Yes, I'm an international real estate lady and I travel many times a year back and forth between Central America and the United States.
I bring customers from the U.S. to sell them nice homes in Costa Rica and buy properties in my country to resell too, this is the way I do business and survived these all difficult years.
The farms with houses (like coast mansions) in COSTA RICA are the highest quoted property deals in the Americas and the commissions are the highest too. While buying broken old houses in the United States and fixing them to resell them is also a good way to earn big profits.
However, someday I will retire and for sure I will finish living in San Jose Costa Rica with a lot of friends Expats that I have over there, if they still alive because they are old already.
I love children and pets all kinds.


A definitive list of all the my personal sports I played around the world is:
I'm in between the best sports among women because I like to play Softball, Tennis, Association Football "Soccer", Basketball, Netball, Bowling, Equestrian, Volleyball, Golf, Wrestling, Cycling, Skateboarding, Athletics, Lacrosse, Snowboarding, Boxing.


Bad Boys for Life from Columbia Pictures /and Sony, Sonic the Hedgehog from Paramount, Birds of Prey from Warner Bros, Dolittle from Universal, The Invisible Man from Universal, The Call of the Wild from 20th Century Studios, Onward from Disney, Tenet from Warner Bros, The Croods: A New Age from Universal, Wonder Woman 1984 from Warner Bros.

Insurance CompanyState Farm insurance.
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Date Today
Preferred Color #148F39
List of Hobbies

To me cooking great delicious meats recipes and watching TV are the best hobbies ever.

ProfessionRealtor real estate sales

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    • Molly Golighty
      Molly Golighty posted to Statuses & Comments

      I just heard my own voice in a voice memo and I didn’t dislike it at all!? Wow , I think I actually like how my voice sounds now , and I am quite happy with it! I’m healing yay!

      • Molly Golighty
        Molly Golighty posted to Statuses & Comments

        I want to let everyone who visited the hospital, stayed with me, missed work to come sit with me, brought food, listened to me for hours and basically, helped me to survive, know just how very appreciative I am. Those visits meant the world! The... more

        • Molly Golighty
          I’m incredibly sorry for your loss. I remember first meeting your dad at Target and he was such a ray of sunshine. Even years later when I’d see him at at the grocery store or anywhere else, he’d always stop and ask what I had been up to. He spent...Read more
          • Molly Golighty
            Molly Golighty posted to Statuses & Comments

            Some dudes are crazy saying they hate Fat Girls, umm judging by your chest Sir you're the Fat Girl...don't get me started!

            • Molly Golighty
              I have the same issues, but I'm learning to make use of my own personality. There are people who -do- want introverted people in their groups of friends, just because they're good listeners and very simple company that don't require a lot of energy....Read more
              • Molly Golighty
                Molly Golighty posted to Statuses & Comments

                Making my own pseudo-sweet tea at home today with Mio, Splenda and lemon.

                • Molly Golighty
                  Molly Golighty posted to Statuses & Comments

                  No, I am not okay but I haven't really been okay since I was 10, maybe 11. But, I am still here though. I am still breathing and my heart is still pumping. For me, sometimes, that will have to be enough.

                  • Molly Golighty
                    Molly Golighty provided an answer for the question Any Super Easy Dinner Ideas
                    If you're budget can afford it...I suggest fish stick / or portions... Velveeta shells, breaded chicken strips.... spaghetti...frozen pizza ....chicken and noodles are easy...boil chicken and chop...cook egg noodles in chicken...
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